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What is love?

What is love? Is it something that can be observed, felt, or touched? Is love something we show or feel? Does anyone know the true meaning behind love? Love is a feeling everyone has in their life from another individual. The word love means “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.” This may be the true meaning of love, but there are several different types of love that people show.

When a child or a mother tell one another they love each other that is considered family love. Family love is the affection shown towards family, kin, and relatives. This type of love means nothing more than a person expressing how they care about another person in their family. When a mother holds her child and rocks it to sleep, that's her way of showing her love for her child. If the mother is married and her child has a stepfather, his affection towards the child is considered family love.

Another type of love is friendship love; love someone has for a friend. This type of love is the kind that two best buds have for each other. For example; Spongebob is always by Patrick’s side and always has his back no matter what; that is considered friendship love. When Ren and Stimpy always find themselves in a wreck and some kind of trouble, they still remain friends afterward; that's their way of showing love for one another. On the Rugrats when Tommy and his friends go on adventures and someone gets lost, Tommy stops what he’s doing to find them. That is Tommy’s way of letting his friends know that he cares.

A type of love one has for their pet animal is considered to be love. A person can have a pet and care for and pamper it, showing the animal it is loved.

The type of love one has for money is considered greed or money lust. People who will do anything for money or use people for money have money lust. People like this have an obsession with money and do not care what they do to get money. For Example, the Government is obsessed with money; they raise taxes and make people have to pay for unnecessary things to get more money. Some people kill other people for money, only because they love money. Some people will help people for money because they love people and do not want to hurt anyone.

Another type of love is lust. Lust is the kind of love someone has for another person sexually. This type of love is meaningless. It is only for pleasure; people that love pleasure are lustful and sometimes may think they are in love. For example, a man could meet a woman at a bar and be highly attracted to her and only want pleasure from her. This shows his lust towards her, which sometimes gets confused with true love. It is not only men that do this; women also do it as well. Everyone has a lustful part in them.

Lastly, another type of love is the love a person feels for another person. This kind of love is different because it is the type of love that a person has for someone they want to spend the rest of their life with. It is an unexplainable feeling a person gets when they are with that special person. This is the type of love that makes a person get a funny feeling in their stomach.

Love is another way of showing someone you care for them; it could sometimes show how much a person wants something or even another person. Love is not always easy to explain. Words simply cannot explain the true love that two people share. No one truly knows what love is, but everyone knows what it feels like; whether it is explainable or not. Everyone feels love for someone or something.   

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