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LOVE Is...


The word LOVE is just 4 letters. It is tossed around without meaning by most people. You’ll see it on Instagram “ily” and “OMG LOVE YOU” written by total strangers on other people’s posts. It almost has no meaning in the digital world. I’m no saint when it comes to that, I do it too. It is when you leave the digital world and enter the real world where that word “LOVE” becomes one of the most powerful words in our language. Think about it, people have killed for it. Some have killed themselves because of it. People search their whole lives for it and some are lucky to find it, while others aren’t. Some are afraid of it because it can carry with it another 4 letter word: “HURT.”

There are different types of LOVE. There is the LOVE between and mother and her children. There is a LOVE between friends. There is LOVE for pets. These are safe forms of LOVE. They are unconditional and will always be there even when the parents, friends, and pets are gone. This is the LOVE that we can find comfort in. The type of LOVE that gives us warmth and confidence, it is safe LOVE. It is the LOVE that we never have to question. It is the type of LOVE that we know will always be there for us. It is the LOVE that can not be broken.

Then there is romantic LOVE. Yes I believe in that idea. Romantic LOVE is scary. This is the LOVE that can make you or break you. Too many people confuse it with LUST. When you first meet someone and the newness of it all blinds you both to the others faults and imperfections, that is LUST. We feel those rush of emotions and confuse it with LOVE. Eventually it passes and the LUST fades. This is when we see the truth and the romance either gets stronger or withers away. LUST lasts a few weeks maybe a few months but it never lasts long. LOVE on the other hand lasts longer, sometimes forever.

People fall in LOVE and people fall out of LOVE or we are lead to believe. I don’t believe that. I believe LOVE changes. The reason it changes is because we stop doing what we can for the other person. We stop trying, either because we choose to or we feel that what we do isn’t appreciated, they stopped LOVING us. I’m not sure why it happens but I know it does and most times it is because we convince ourselves that we can’t give anymore. We don’t want to give and it is easier to give up than it is to make it work. Our ability to LOVE is infinite, we are capable of LOVING all throughout our lives. We can’t choose who we fall in LOVE with, but it is a conscious effort to not LOVE anymore, so the LOVE changes. The damage is done and we walk away from what we once knew. When the feeling is pure, you can move on without regrets and without looking back and find a new person to give your LOVE to.

When it isn’t right, our heart hurts. When we choose to stop giving the gift of our LOVE, we cause ourselves pain and confusion. We do not choose who we LOVE but we do choose how we LOVE. When a new person makes us feel that tingle of LUST and we give into that fleeting feeling, giving up on what was pure, we stop trying. We are sucked into the feeling of newness. When we are afraid that we can’t LOVE someone in the same way that they LOVE us and we run, that makes our heart HURT. We cause ourselves pain. We don’t trust our hearts, even though we should. We try to ignore the LOVE inside of us and this makes us feel inadequate. We cause ourselves pain because we don’t feel worthy of LOVE. If someone LOVES you then they are telling you in the purest way that you are worth it. They look at you with different eyes, they can see your soul and see your heart. They know you HURT and they want to stop that HURT. For some people, that is enough; for others, it never is. They will never accept real LOVE, because they don’t know how to respond to it. We have all grown accustom to not being LOVED romantically that when it happens we run away. We run because we fear being HURT. A person that truly LOVES you will not HURT you. Let them in and let them give you their gift of unconditional LOVE. If you LOVE them, LOVE them wholeheartedly, as best that you can, however you can. You don’t have to give more than you can, because they are not expecting it. LOVING you is enough.

LOVE is selfless.

LOVE is unconditional.

LOVE has no price tag.

LOVE is not HURT.

LOVE is pure.

LOVE is good.

LOVE is trust.

LOVE is more than a word.

LOVE can heal.

LOVE is beautiful.

LOVE is amazing.

Being truly LOVED is the greatest feeling in the world. I hope you find that feeling and hold onto it. Don’t be afraid to accept it. Don’t run from it. Just enjoy it and trust in it. You’re heart will tell you when it is pure and when it is right. 

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