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What is it really?

Image by Toa Heftiba

What is love anyway? There are so many thoughts, ideas, and expectations surrounding love that sometimes we get lost in something other than love. We get pulled by what we believe love is, we get lost in the notion that love will save us, we get lost in the idea that love is separate from us, and we have fallen from grace.

But love is far greater than what we can imagine; when you touch the pure source, everything melts away. Nothing false can stand in the fiery furnace of love's radiant essence. It brings forth the raw, vulnerable beauty of the heart. It strips us of our identity, our personality, and scrubs away the façade that we present to the world. It shatters the false dichotomy of opposites. Embraced in love, we become only what we truly are. It is home.

The most astounding thing about love is that it requires absolutely nothing in return. It places no expectations on you. It never requires a sacrifice. Love stands by you through hell-bent rebellions and moonlit madness. Love wipes away your tears of suffering, gives you strength during the hardest of trials.  Love stretches your limits and pushes your boundaries. It is a way of opening to life and leaving resistance behind. In love's cocoon, you find who you truly are at the deepest part of your being. It will astonish you. It's a transformation unlike any other.

The hardest part of allowing the transformation, because it is an allowing of love to undue you, is the feeling of unworthiness. In my life, I ached and yearned for love for the sweet rapture of passion. I searched high and low wanting to woo the beloved into my life, but I always felt wanting. It seemed I was never good enough. It was only when I realized that my beliefs were the cause of my suffering that I was able to let go and let love in. I had believed that I was not good enough for love, I believed I was not worthy, and could not even love myself, so I was blind to all the love that enveloped me already. Once I decided to love myself, it was as if my eyes were seeing for the first time. My life dripped with love's essence. I had to be willing to let go, to come as I am and embrace who I was just as I am. There is no should, there is not a goal you can aspire to reach that will make you good enough; you already are just what love wants.

Once the transformation has rooted in your heart, it's funny what happens; like a cosmic joke played on a universal level; for once you have tasted the wine sweetened lips of love, once you have danced in her dew-dipped fields, once you have filled your belly with her sweet honey, then you begin to sacrifice, then you stand and wipe the years of sorrow away, you begin to give all that has been given to you. Not because you are required to, not because you are trying to prove yourself worthy. You find yourself wanting to do all of this. It is a new way of living.

Ask any man that has truly loved his woman, any parent that has held the innocence of a child in their hearts, ask any child that has watched their mom or dad die, ask any person that has ever held a life of another in their heart, any woman that has put her heart on the line so that dreams can come true. They will tell you the truth of what I speak.  

It is in becoming love's desire that we are made in love's image. Let yourself be broken open by love, let your breath be stolen, be in awe of who you truly are. This is love's gift.

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