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Love Can Be...

I can say a lot about love.

What can I say about love? I don't know if I can say anything that I haven't said already, but love can be a lot of things. I don't think people understand how versatile love is, because everyone is so blind to how it should be—that's why everyone is so obsessed with the idea of love being so beautiful, rewarding, and a whole bunch of other stuff in that area, but they don't want to bring up the realistic part of it. Sure, love can be beautiful, rewarding, amazing, all of that good shit, but on the other hand, for me along with a handful of other people, love can be ridiculous, confusing, strange, and it's crazy how much someone will go through just because they love someone, or better yet, they want to be in a relationship with whoever they're going for.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "This guy is just complaining because he doesn't have a girlfriend," so go ahead and think whatever you want. I'm just being realistic because I'm not living in a fairy tale or watching any of those romcoms everyone watches. Believe it or not, I used to try and use some of that as a form of advice. It never worked for me, it never does work, and it never will. I love movies and I still watch them as a way of seeing myself in certain situations, and comparing them to what really happened to me, it's almost like watching your own movie, but I don't watch them so I can learn about falling in love—not anymore. If anything, I watch them to remind myself how real love is, and so I watch movies like Blue Valentine and (500) Days of Summer because at least I can relate to them in some way, especially when I watch (500) Days of Summer.

Anyways, love is confusing and mixed signals get involved. For example, someone you like says that they don't know if they like you, but they want to cuddle with you or you find yourself somewhere private with them and you guys are kissing, or better yet, maybe you guys are in bed together after a night of good sex. Then, after all of that, it becomes mind games of you trying to figure out their feelings and it ends up killing you inside while they're stringing you along. If you're thinking that maybe I had experience in that area, you're right, because I have. Not the sex part though.

Since I've gone through how confusing love can be, let's take a look at how love can be ridiculous, because holy smokes, I have enough experience in there as well. You know it sucks when you like someone and the first thing you have to do is tell them. That's the easiest part, but the part that comes next is where it goes downhill. You go from telling someone that you like them to jumping all of these hurdles, through so many hoops, just to get a relationship going between you and whoever it is that you like, and it goes downhill, and then, it becomes a repetitive cycle that can get tiring.

Love can be a lot of things. I know that, but people like to look at me like I'm kicking puppies whenever I talk about the realistic side of love because they think I'm being negative and want me to look at it as if I'm in a fairy tale or something, but guess what, I was awakened by how cruel love can be years ago and it has been a learning experience to why I keep my distance. I do it to avoid having my feelings being steamrolled over, especially since the last time I liked someone.

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Love Can Be...
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