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Love in 2018

What is love in 2018?

Love. It’s a simple, yet complicated word. We obviously know how to spell the word love but we truly don’t know the exact meaning of it. Well, at least not in 2018. You see in 2018 social media and the songs most people listen to sell love as this cheap, and unimportant thing. It teach people that love is just another emotion that we should just disregard and turn our heads away from. When really in all reality, love is the essence to happiness and joy, love is careful and acknowledging. Love is what gave us life for Pete’s sake! In 2018 the words “I love you,” mean nothing, but a quick way to get into someone’s pants or mess with their mind. In today’s society love is what controls someone and holds them hostage. It’s should be the complete opposite really—love should set you free and help you realize your potential, helping you go further than you ever expected in life. Love is what has brought people together for ages, but in 2018, love is what separates us even as a nation. It splits us apart and is labeled as dangerous. I myself has always pictured meeting a prince, and falling in love, and the both of us riding away on a horse. Just simple pure imagination of love. Even as a little girl I would think about it and I could not wait to meet my prince! If only people would be anxious to find love and actually keep it. In 2018, love is just not enough. 2018 is a very odd, yet difficult time to try new things such as a relationship.  It is all just a gamble, and a matter of who has the right dice to roll the lucky numbers. Relationships should not be gambles nor should it be risky. In 2018 love is tiring. If people actually do happen to get in a relationship, it’s very exhausting and a very on and off situation. People break up and get back like it’s nothing. When in all reality, their still damaged from the last time the broke up. Their still holding on to what took place for them to break up in the first place. Love is very disloyal and tricky. It should not be this way. Love is not on and off, love is not disloyal. Then again it is 2018 so love is just a game, love is tricky, love is disloyal, love is what holds you back and keeps you hostage. In present society, love is whatever people on television and social media make it out to be. Love is nothing and it’s trash, because that’s what society makes of it. I would dearly love to change minds about love, but in all reality no one can because almost everyone thinks the same these days. Very little of our population will tell you about the wonders of love and very little will be able to break these thick barriers in people's mind and hearts, to put them at ease that it’s okay to fall in love. People really can’t think for themselves nowadays. We let these celebrities control what we like and what we do. We are just soldiers who listen to some random half brained commander. I wish I could vouch for love, but not even someone else can get through the minds of robots, who refuse to choose their own path and think for themselves. Its 2018 and everything to do with love is gone. Love is just a word we use to get what we want regardless of others feelings.

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Love in 2018
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