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Love Is

A Reflection

Love is sleeping easier when he is beside you. Sleeping easy through every storm, every nightmare, every stressful day at work. Love is waking up next to him, and feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world, looking at him and being happy just to know that he is beside you.

Love is sitting on the sofa after a bad, rainy day, refusing to believe anything will make it better, until she walks in and looks at you with those soft eyes, handing you a cup of tea. Love is knowing that, however bad it gets, a smile from her will make every bad thought disappear.

Love is vulnerability. Love is crying in front of her, love is telling him how you feel. Love is being full of the words you need to say, and not being able to say them.

Love is holding his hand and realising it fits better than anything ever has. Love is that nervous buzz you thought only existed in your teenage years, the buzz you hadn't felt in the longest time. The buzz that suddenly reappears as soon as you see him walking towards you.

Love is looking at her taking her make up off, putting her pyjamas on, and scraping her hair back, and still marvelling at her beauty. Seeing her as perfect either way, seeing nothing that you'd change.

Love is feeling like the world slows down when he kisses you. Like no one is around, like as soon as his lips touch yours, nothing else matters.

Love is sitting down to watch the TV, curling up in her lap, as she strokes your hair, and finding yourself unable to concentrate because all you want to do is hold her in your arms again. Love is being close to her, but never feeling quite close enough; love is needing to be near her.

Love is cooking your favourite meal together and making a mess of the kitchen. Love is laughter after you burn the pan and over-salt the sauce. Love is not letting him clean the dishes alone, love is doing it together.

Love is sitting down with a bottle of wine and talking into the wee hours. Love is realising you've been drinking more than you thought, and smiling even though you know your head won't thank you tomorrow.

Love is talking all night, holding him all night, forgetting that time exists. Forgetting that time exists until light starts to rise in the sky and the new day has begun. Love is disregarding what you have to do tomorrow, and remembering how good it is to hold her today. Nothing else is important, if she is in your arms.

Love is feeling you could cry when you see her tears. Love is not knowing what to do, but being willing to do just about anything. Love is telling him it's okay to cry, but it's now time to do something about it. Love is desire to help, to care, to be honest, when he believes that no one will.

Love is lying together on the grass in the summer sun and hearing music that isn't there. Love is huddling together on a cold winter's night to watch the fireworks lighting up the frosty sky. Love is waking up early, however tired you are, just to watch the sunrise.

Love is being unashamed, love is being honest, love is being who you are without fear of judgement, malice, or misunderstanding.

Love is strength in the hard times and weakness in the good. Feeling dizzy every time she kisses your neck, feeling lucky to call her your own.

Love is simple, love is kind, love is forgiving, love is living.

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Love Is
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