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Love Life

It's never what you expect.

Love. It's so complicated,  sometimes annoying, and sometimes so wonderful and breathing, but everyone is different. Some people don't find it, or it takes a while (and I mean a while!), and some find it right away, but even when you do find it, sometimes it's not always a person; sometimes it's a pet or a passion. But within my own experience, it's always been the experience! You can fall in love with the moments in time or the person you're with at the time, or even the view. Love is so vast and vague that I could literally be talking about anything, but let me tell you what I mean.

Love is an animal.

I myself had never known a more true love than the love of an animal. It's the undivided love of a cat or a dog or a fish or whatever! They are always there no matter what, because they need you and you need them, not like a business proposal, but because they became family. It sounds crazy, I know, but trust me—if you have a pet, you just know what I mean.

When I was younger I had a cat; the normal house pet, and he lived for a long time and grew to be around 12 years old, so he wasn't just a pet, he was family, so having him around became the usual until one day he got sick, and had been for a while, and we didn't notice. He just showered us with love until he couldn't move from the floor one day. We had brought him to the doctor and my mother had to make an impossible choice and put him to sleep. That day my whole family was in mourning for days and still miss him to this day. Because we lost a loved one and he was family.

So love wasn't just a person or a feeling those few days, it was an animal.

Love is an experience.

Now, this is where people can confuse love with a person with an experience. This is where the saying "are you in love with me or the thought of me" comes from. Because something you might be experiencing is what you actually love, it's not the person, it's the things you're doing while with them. Or let's say your skydiving or in Paris or simply on your bike trail—that's your experience; the small things you do and you say to yourself. "I love this" or "I love what I'm doing." Not everyone has those moments, but I'm sure if you think back to something you've done, eaten, or seen, there's your experience.

Love is a person.

It can be your mom, dad, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, anyone. But it gets complicated, tangled, and messy. It's hard to tell if it's friendship love or romantic or even (sometimes) family. Now for a lot of people when, they think of love, they think of a person or persons. Now I'm not going to sit here and say everyone has someone, because I don't know, but everyone does have a person. Love isn't what you'd expect it to be, and sometimes it's not even what you need it to be. But love is love.

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Love Life
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