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So me and him had been dating for a good month by now. He picked me up from work and I didn't expect to be going out on a double date with him and his friends so it was already a bad start for me anyways. I had at least an under shirt I could keep on and just had to work with my baggy work pants while they debated on going to a bar or out to eat. I would have preferred to stay in all together, but didn't want to be the rain over the parade so I let them decide and they settled on a small bar that I didn't really care for, but I was hoping for the bottle that they had already bought before picking me up to put me in a better mood or at least forget just a little bit about how uncomfortable I felt. As we drove to the bar we were all drinking and the girl I thought his homeboy was with was slumped in the back unable to even go into the club so we left her in the car. I wasn't even old enough to go to a bar at the time, but because he was well known around the city we were from I was able to just slide by security once we finally made in it there. Right as I made it to the dance floor all the 50 and up faces that were staring at me made me want to turn back around, but he seemed to be cool with it so I just made my way to the back of the club where I smelled chronic. 

They were having a session in the boys bathroom and because I was with him I went into the large bathroom filled with men and women and puffed a couple of B's that were in rotation before passing it to my guy at the time. We stayed back there for a while listening to the rap cypher and inhaling the smoke. After this I had to actually go to the bathroom so I stumbled into the women's bathroom that was over crowded and not enough stalls. After holding my pee for what felt like forever I decided to walk to the jazz bar down the street before I exploded. After I did my business at the other bar, I began walking back when I noticed that his homeboys car that we all came in was no longer in its parking space and nowhere else in site. I started panicking a little thinking I may have gotten left and proceeded to walk back into the club called the 2. The security guard stopped me immediately, but I managed to get past him by telling him that I was just looking for my ride and giving him my card after he tried to take my phone instead. After getting past security I looked for my boyfriend all over, but couldn't seem to find him so I proceeded to call him, but he wasn't answering. After another 10 minutes he emerged from the crowd and I told him that his friends car was gone when I went out there. He proceeded to tell me not to trip and pointed to his friend out to me across the floor from us. I was lost, but let it go after we were back in contact with each other. After a little while the club began to close and all the lights came on giving us ample time to chat with some people, find his homeboy and start to leave out of the door. After we exited the club we waited for his homeboy to pull the car up because we didn't know where he parked it and when I entered into the right backseat I noticed that the girl we left in the car only had one pants leg in and her shirt halfway off. I was a little lost, but understood what must of happened between the two while we were in the club. Especially after I picked up my comb from the floor next to her and slung the condom on his homeboy in the drivers seat after I took note that it was even on it. We then proceeded to drop my boyfriend's cousin in the passenger seat that had joined us later on off, which was like a 30 minute tops drive from where we were. During this drive I heard her moaning a little and since my boyfriend was on the other side and her in the middle of us I immediately started looking for his hand, but it was too dark to really see anything so we started arguing and fighting in the backseat a little because I knew I wasn't trippin. I calmed down a little on my own and after his cousin was finally dropped off he got in the front seat leaving us is the back seat and on the way to her house. Once we got to her place she would not get out of the car for nothing and my boyfriend being the only one not annoyed and trying to get her out of the car stood out to me, but I couldn't just yank her out of the seat like I wanted, or could I have? Either way, she wouldn't get out of the car acting like she was too drunk to fix herself and exit so we all continued to his homeboy's house because wherever he went, I went. I was set up to take a shower, but before I even started getting ready I stepped into a room with my boyfriend to try to talk to him about what happened before his homeboy came into the room and tried to push up on me before my boyfriend pushed him back and said its not even like that. The situation made me a little uncomfortable so I exited the room and he took me to the bathroom, gave me a towel and etc. 

I then proceeded to close the bathroom door, looked in the mirror for a sec. and then used the restroom. Before I could even flush the toilet his homeboy began banging on the door yelling so what's up with you? Through the door, can I get your number? And things of that accord. After telling him multiple times to get away from the door, I'm good on him and him banging down the door making me very uncomfortable I let go of the idea of taking a shower, opened the door and shoved past him. Once he was out of sight and I was in the living room where his other homeboy was sitting on the ground, I started looking for my nigga, but he wasn't anywhere to be found. I looked into the kitchen, the room we were previously in and then something told me to go outside. As I started towards the front door his homeboy was still on my heels trying to talk to me and the one on the ground asked me why I was going out there. I didn't even answer him because something was pulling me out there. Once I was outside I looked around to see if he was out there, but all I saw was the car we had all pulled up in. I began walking towards the car and something told me not to open the front door just in case I don't open it quick enough and then he automatically locks it. I then opened up the back door and saw her giving him head in the front seat of the car. I immediately began hitting him and then him being shocked couldn't really do nothing, but yell and tell me to calm down. I then proceeded to walk back to the house to get my things, but his homeboy was out there the whole time and once again kept trying to hassle me into having sex with him now that I had seen what my nigga was on he had said anyways. Once I walked up the steps of the front porch I turned around and told him to leave me alone, but he kept walking up to me so I pushed him down the four steps he had just walked up. After that, I braced myself for what was to come as he began to walk up on me and try to put me in some type of headlock. I yelled out to the guy I was with twice and his homeboy that was sitting on the floor still just watching to get him off of me. Nobody did anything so I had to fight him off myself and pushed him off of me again so that I had enough time and room to walk back to the car, but the idiot thought I was yelling about him getting head still so he wasn't trying to hear what I had to say. We all got into a huge argument and fight outside until his friend that was sitting on the ground in the living room the whole time said he'd drop me off home and everybody else had to go before the cops came due to all the ruckus we had made. Before dropping me off he even tried to make a pass at me, which tired me out undoubtedly for the night. #MyWorstDate

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