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Love of My Life

The One I Always Dreamed of

Nowadays, love is hard to find. While the world is becoming more advanced and diverse, human interaction is becoming a thing of the past. People are relying more and more on new age technology, instead of going out and meeting someone. The way I grew up, I played outside and socialized with the neighborhood kids. That was my normal throughout my childhood. Even then, I'd walk home from the elementary school I went to as a kid and play with the friends I made, since they all lived so close by. 

That very school was the place I ran into the person I never knew would change my life forever. We may have only spotted each other for a moment, but it paved the way to find each other again later on. When I met him again, we were in middle school and he was a quiet kid. If he was included in an conversation, he would just nod, smile, frown, or shrug. Though he didn't express himself through words, his actions and emotions did the talking. In our eighth grade year, we had U.S. History together. He was still shy, quiet, and kind of passive. Though he was this way, it did catch my eye, but I wasn't brave enough to say so. 

I got to see him again our sophomore year of high school, since I had him in another history class, specifically World History. In that class, it was the very first time I ever heard his voice. We were working on a mid-semester project and out of everything we could have talked about, we ended up at the topic of Deadpool. I admired how he knew so much about one character and I could only imagine what else he knew about. During that year, we did talk a little more but it was around mutual friends in the cafeteria. One day, I came in early from class and after grabbing my lunch, there he was at one of the round tables. I noticed that he had his chocolate milk bottle upside down, which did stump me a little bit. I asked why and he told me that the flavor is all at the bottom so flipping it will have help it not taste so dull. Of course, I thought it was weird but it was just another thing to like about him. 

Fast forward to graduation. Mine was a day before his, since I moved after my sophomore year to a new high school. I went to his graduation, since my best friends were in the same graduating class. It had been a while since I'd seen him and I did notice that he grew up into someone I knew I needed in my life. I had found him while walking with my best friend and my little sister, his family with him. His brother saw me first so he hugged me. I'll never forget when he saw me and said, "What? No hug for me?" It made me laugh so much and all the feelings I had resurfaced after he pretty much bear hugged me. 

A day later, I had my two best friends at my house overnight, since we wanted to celebrate all of us graduating. That day, one of them had gotten some terrible news. A family member had passed that she was really close to. Her mother had contacted all three of us and after getting the news, I wanted her to get home so she could be with her own family. 

That day, I contacted him through a messaging app. It started off with me asking about his day. We talked for hours and eventually talked about relationships, going over our share of bad luck with them. He told me that he didn't know if he would try dating again. I then asked him, "Why not try with me?" It did catch him off guard and he was skeptical. I continued to talk to him, telling him that I would try to be the best girlfriend and not hurt him like the others did. After I explained what I would do for him, while I also used a little bit of anime references, he came around and accepted my proposal. We may have had our hardships in the beginning but we fought through it together. Just like every relationship, it's not always sunshine and rainbows. It takes a little rain to help things grow and now, we've been together for three years and will make four on June 8. Love is out there. It just takes guts to take fate into your own hands and go get it. 

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Love of My Life
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