Love or Lust?

Knowing the Difference.

Know the difference

So, have you often wondered the difference from love and lust? At one time I didn't but I learned. In many occasions love and lust go hand in hand. But here is the difference:

Lust is a sexual desire you feel when you look at someone like a craving for them. It doesn't mean you have feelings for that person. You just love what you see not what is on the inside. "Love at first sight" is only lust. It doesn't last it feels like love until it's time to make a sacrifice. It is about sleeping with someone but not making any kind of commitment.

Love, on the other hand, is a life long commitment. Love takes time, lots of patience, and grows slowly. When someone loves you, they see what is inside of you. It means caring for someone else's happiness more than your own. No matter what kind of past you have if someone loves you they accept you for who you are and don't judge you by your past mistakes. Love is trusting each other and not being jealous. 

Now that you know the difference between love and lust, you can easily tell them apart from one another. If a person is only with you because of your looks and body and only wants sex then that's not love. If a person takes the time to know you and likes to spend time with you and doesn't rush a relationship then that is not lust. There is no need to rush love because if it is true then it will take time to grow into a strong relationship. 

Treating someone badly is not love because you do not hurt the one that you love. If you're afraid to tell that person your feelings because you might push them away then it's best to walk away, that is a sign of a toxic relationship and it will only get worse over time. If you love someone you work things out, we all know no relationship is perfect but if someone truly loves you they will understand the pain they caused and will do anything to make it right. They will feel the way you feel. 

If you have to ask if you love that person then you are doubting your feelings which is also not a good sign. Let it take the time to grow, rushing it will only cause problems, you cannot force love, it will only result in lust which will not last. Spending time cuddling after making love is a sure sign of love, making love then leaving or not making conversation afterward is only lust, you only get the feeling of fulfillment but nothing else. 

Don't look for love let love find you that is my opinion, and when it does make sure the signs are right. All the little things count, even if its just going for a walk, having a talk, sharing stories about your childhood, or even playing a game of cards. Do anything to make each other happy that's the main thing to a happy and healthy relationship. Ignoring each other and always fighting and arguing will not make the relationship any stronger if anything it will lead to breaking up. You have to understand each other's wants and needs in order to know and learn from one another.

I am writing all of this through experience, I have not found a true love yet. Will I ever? Does it exist? It certainly does. It's hard to find but it's out there, and it will find you when the time is right.

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Love or Lust?