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Love Vol. 1

A Series Dictated by My Experience With Love

They say that Money makes the world go round, and people are engulfed by Vanity and Greed. I, however, believe it is Love that drives each of us to do everything, or lack thereof.

That being said societies definition of Love is as follows, "an intense feeling of deep affection." Love does not limit itself to only a connection between two people, but extends itself between a person and anything, and I mean that exactly: anything, especially in this day and age. We are more free as an entire people than ever before, free to be a Woman, Asian, Gay, Dark, Smart, Crazy, Black, Jewish, even a Cat if that’s what you want. Free to be what they expect, or the biggest surprise.

Do what you love, they say, and so we do. Even down to the most average daily transactions and decisions—we make them based on our love or lack of love for… well as I said, anything at all.

A woman and man marry because they love each other, want nothing more than be together. The two have a child. The little boy throws a tantrum because he received a red bike for his birthday, but he loves blue. His father returned it to the store later that day in exchange for the blue, because he loves his son. Each action, marriage, birth, a temper tantrum, a daily purchase and exchange, is inspired by an intense feeling of deep affection, inspired by Love.

Not to at all dispute that Money, Vanity, and Greed affect us all on a daily basis. With or without Money, it is one of the biggest attributes to living in our world. You want a house? Car? Phone? Clothes? Food? Be prepared for the large monetary costs at every turn. Unfortunately we don’t all have the same amount of Money… and some Love it.

Greed, "intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food." Notice the definition we have for Love and for Greed differ only slightly; Love playing intense affection, Greed playing intense desire. Those who love money surround themselves with objects of value and undoubtedly feel intense affection towards their things, and their lifestyle. They wake up in the morning, work to make their money to buy the things they love. Their love of clothes, cars, the best Money can buy fuel their every step, every breath.

Like we all know to be true, no two people are the same. Some wake up in the morning, work to surround themselves with good people, people they feel a deep affection towards. Some get up, work to support their family, to come home and surround themselves with their family whom they love. Some venture into the depths of the earth to harvest it’s metals for what they love. Some scrub toilets by hand, or wait hand and foot on another to provide themselves with what they love, or for whom they love.

A fine group of us have come to love ourselves. Love how they look and everything that they are. Want for nothing more than what propels their lives forwards, care and love for no one and nothing else. Vanity, "excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements." Intense self-love.

As we become more free as a people, we have become more free to judge. Vanity: appreciate yourself, but do not love yourself. Greed, want for yourself but to not be too driven. As a society we set these limitations on ourselves and each other as how much we can Love certain areas in our lives.

Love spins our lives in and around each other, inspiring both positive and negative reactions in the world we live in.

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Love Vol. 1
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