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Love You to Death (Pt. 3)

She prayed that whatever damage was done, it was minimal.

There Dania was, just as cold as the cold bathroom tile. She was alive. She could still feel that silent pain. She could still think and hear, she just couldn't get her body to comply with her demands. 

She prayed that whatever damage was done, it was minimal. She prayed that the pregnancy test that she took earlier was still under the sink and read negative. She also prayed that Zarina & Taa, the new "Bonnie & Clyde" somehow overdosed on a 20 sack of heroin. But she had to get it together, her babies were just feet away and Ibn wakes his sister up in the middle of the night so she can go to the potty.

She heard that damn front door open again, and in complete disbelief, she just knew she was going to get shot or worse now. She heard heavy footsteps, a snort, and a cough. A cool relief came over her, she knew exactly who it was, it was her brother.

"Listen, Jamaali and Deen, you two stay downstairs, make sure everything stays as cool as it is and I'll go and get the kids," Rashaad said. 

The men quietly complied and took a watchful eye to their surroundings inside and outside of the house. Rashaad walked up the flight of stairs that lead to the scene of the incident, and he blew a short whistle. That short whistle produced three-year-old Zaynaab and ten-year-old Ibn.

"As Salaamu Alaikum kids. Go downstairs and sit with your uncles and I'll go and check on ummi," Rashaad said. 

The children obliged, Ibn put Zay on his back the best he could and hurried down the stairs. 

Rashaad was under pressure and completely pissed the hell off. This raggedy dude and her busted down friend lect his little sister in the bathroom to die as his nephew and niece were literally feet away. Oh, he was boiling, but at the same time scared as hell to open up that bathroom door. 

He reached and grabbed the doorknob, only to hold onto it for a few seconds. He slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open, with his head turned towards the wall. He stood there listening breathing, movement, something type of life. He didn't really hear anything and his heart started to beat out of his chest. He couldn't keep his composure any longer. He finally looked at his sister laying there, and internally his sister was glad that he was there. 

Rashaad took a deep breath and walked over to Dania. He checked her pulse and checked her breathing, she was still alive. He sat down next to her on the floor, pulled her towards him so that he could craddle her in his arms.

"Baby sis, it's going to be okay. I got you, you good," he reassured her. "We have to go home, Imani is waiting for you," he said. 

Rashaad stood up with his sister in his arms and proceeded to carry her down the hallway and down the stairs towards the door. He had to get his family out of there as quickly as he could.


"That's alright, I'll call someone else and spend the night over there," Taalib said as he wiped himself off with Zarina's shirt.

Ever since they returned to his home to settle down for the night, Taalib has acted as if nothing happened and Zarina was a hot mess. Zarina started to see him differently, she definitely didn't feel the same about him either. She really thought that if he could damage his wife and their children that severely, what would he do to her and his unborn child that she was carrying?

She knew she had to get away but first she had to play her cool before she ended up like her friend.

"Call who, Taalib? Damn, can I have a minute or an hour to gather my thoughts before you decide to bend me over?"

Taalib looked at her. Nothing to iffy, he just looked at her, trying to read where Zarina was coming from. 

Zarina approached him looking distraught and tired, "Bae, this was a really big deal and I'm trying to mentally digest what happened. Let me make you a steak and some potatoes, go hop in the shower and let me take care of you the way I know you'd enjoy."

Taalib couldn't read her so he was blindsided by what she was really thinking and planning. 

She kissed his chest. Patted his hip twice. Urging him to go ahead and he obliged. Zarina had to think of her first moves, she was lost and scared to leave. Most importantly, she didn't know what she was going to do about the baby.

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Love You to Death (Pt. 3)
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