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Meeting Jeff

A Story on Meeting My Boyfriend

A story on meeting my boyfriend? How do you suppose that will be a good enough story? You don’t but reading about other people’s relationships seems to get people on their toes. My boyfriend (we’ll call him Jeff) and I met about four years ago, it was almost summer. We didn’t meet in person we met on a website, we were both looking to add friends on Snapchat. After we had a conversation, we finally decided to add each other, I didn’t know we would talk almost every day but we did and I opened myself up to him. I talked to him about things I couldn’t talk to my closest friends or family members about. A few months later, I had lost my grandma, she passed away my junior year or high school. My boyfriend and I weren’t in touch then but I finally decided to reach out to him, I never told him about my grandma, it was hard for me to even talk about it. After that we kept talking, we talked as if we were actually boyfriend and girlfriend but we weren’t. After I graduated high school and moved out of town to go to college my boyfriend and I talked more, a lot more. In December, I met a guy (Tom) and we had started dating. I would talk to Jeff here and there but nothing flirty, just a conversation. The more into the relationship with Tom the more I saw of the abusive side I saw. A month after my college graduation, Tom had called it off and it was about two or three in the morning, I was hurt and sad and Jeff decided to call. So here we are sitting on at 2-3 AM while I’m crying my eyes out to him, right then and there I realized it’s been Jeff all this time. I forced it upon ourselves to meet. June 5, 2017 is the day Jeff and I met, my emotions were everywhere. For years I never thought I’d meet him but there I was on June 5, sitting next to him, talking with him. We kept seeing each other every other day, July came and I questioned when we were actually going to make it happen, when are we gonna call it official? July 9, we had gone bowling and before the night ended he asked me, I jokingly said no but laughed it off and said yes. In August, I was at his parents' house and we were having a good time playing a game as a family and all of a sudden I get a sharp horrible pain in my back and I’ve never seen my boyfriend or his parents get so worried when it came to me. I had just met his parents and here they are rushing to me the ER due to my pain. That night I realized how much I’m in love with him, it was that night where I knew I could be myself around him without judgment. Like it says in the song "Say You Won’t Let Go," “I knew I loved you then but you'd never know cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go.” That part of the song honestly describes what I felt that night. I was scared of letting him see me cry or in pain, but having him sit there made me realize I love him. Couple months later, I was diagnosed with depression, I had no ideas how to tell Jeff. I finally told him about it and he tried to get me to talk to people. Lately, you see all these famous people committing suicide because they are struggling with depression. My boyfriend tells me I should talk to someone and get help, but would it help or just make it worse? But just having him there to somewhat understand what’s going on when I have my good days and when I have my bad days, he sits there and listens to me, but I think it works both ways, if you want to be heard you need to have people that will sit there and listen to you. Ever since I met Jeff I’ve seen more of my happiness coming out, but obviously, I’m going to have my days where I don’t wanna go to work and when I don’t want to deal with anyone. He’s been by my side through the ups and downs. 320 days later and we’re still together, despite all the bad things that have happened and all the arguing, we still manage to stay together. Always remember that the next time you and a loved one are arguing, it’s not you vs him or you vs her, it’s both of you guys vs the problem. 

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Meeting Jeff
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