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Meeting the Mother-In-Law

With Crows

We have all, or one day will have to face the dreaded meet the parents' dinner! I was dating this guy, let’s call him T for short, for about a year and a half now. He moved to the island for school, and we met oh so romantically with the help of good old Tinder...

Things between us were going great, he’s probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met, sometimes too nice. You don’t find those kinds of guys very often. Well, eventually, as it happens in every relationship, it was time to meet his mother. Now I’m a "swear like a sailor, don’t give a f**k what anyone thinks" kind of gal. But this! Oh man, my nerves kicked in (super sweaty hands kinda nerves). I was supposed to meet them for lunch downtown at the pub. That’s easy, no problem. But my life isn’t easy. I have the most random and weird things happen to me. I don’t dwell on those situations anymore, I embrace it and laugh them off now. 

Anyways, I’m on my way downtown and of course, I hit construction and traffic. Then parking downtown was an absolute sh** show. I got one of the last spots on the roof in my fave parkade. I guess that’s kinda lucky, but not because I’m already late. T is texting me asking when I will be there blah blah cause he’s hungry! Well hangry at this point. (And “tired” of always waiting for me) His mom probably thinks I’m some kind of dumba** who’s not good enough for her son for being late! I start speed walking to the pub because I’m sorry but I don’t run for anyone. (Unless it’s the doughnut I’m eating later) I am at the intersection right before the pub! So close! Just as I’m about to cross, BAM!! Something hits the back of my head extremely hard! Honestly, it felt like when you’re in a fight and a girl cheaps-out and pulls your hair, but with a little something extra. I start looking around and see some homeless people and thought to myself, “Oh damn a homie just hit me for not sparing some change!” But they were all seated and weren’t even looking my way. So what the f*** was it??? I’m turning in a circle and out of the corner of my eye I see a crow flying into a tree. 

As I keep turning I also see a little old Asian man pointing at me and then the tree that the bird flew into. He started laughing so hard he curled over and put his hands on his knees to stay up. Then he started tapping his wife’s arm because he had to let her know about my crow attack! He shed some tears for sure. Now when things happen to me and I don’t expect it I tend to go into shock. I  mean I just had a crow dive bomb the back of my head because I decided to wear my sparkly barrette for lunch! Facepalm moment. I stood there absolutely dumbfounded. I was so close to the pub too!

When I made it inside the pub, T and his mum were annoyed that I was late. Of course. At least I had little gouge marks on the back of my head that proved I had a good reason to be!! One thing that annoyed me was they didn’t even care what happened. When I sat down and tried to tell them about my crow attack they brushed it off and continued on with their convo. It was a very awkward lunch, to say the least! But that doesn’t matter anymore, things with T didn’t end up working out. You always expect meeting the parents for the first time will go smoothly, but like I said, weird and awkward situations always seem to happen to me.

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Meeting the Mother-In-Law
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