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My Life

How One of My Friendships is Turning Out

In my opinion, people like to think that they can have whatever they want but in reality that is not the truth. And I am going to tell you why!

So recently, I have been dealing with this friend of mine who does not seem to care about anyone but herself and let's just say that is extremely annoying to the point I want to slap her silly, but I won't. I have had so many conversations with her about how I have been feeling with this situation. And you want to know what she told me? That we've grown distant and that it's normal. I understand that it is normal for two people to grow distant from each other in a friendship, but what does not make sense is that I have tried on numerous accounts to make this friendship work because I truly do care about this friendship and her.

The thing I hate so much is that she does not seem to care that when I try to repair the damage that has been done to our friendship because of her it never seems to go my way. It seems to me that she is so afraid of conflict and having these conversations that it breaks my heart because how are you suppose to grow as a person if you cannot accept the fact that you must have these talks in order to see for yourself if you can repair such a broken friendship. I do not know what I can do if she refuses to see what I see each and every day that goes by. We are at that point in our lives to see if we can remain friends after high school or if this is just an end to a chapter. Especially since now that it is the summer I want to see if anything changes or if it remains the same because I have wasted so much of my time on a friendship that may not even be worth saving.

And this all started to happen when she left our school in the first semester of Grade 11 at our high school to go to a new high school that, in the end, she hated. So she comes back and I want to see if we can try to fix our friendship and for awhile we were able to. But midway through our second-semester things started to change and I guess that's because she got with a new guy who is now her boyfriend for the past few months and I would have to find out stuff about what was happening with her through our mutual best friend. Since I was so sick of finding things out about her life through our friend, I had to call her and tell her how I was feeling and I wanted her to know that a change needed to be made.

But just this week I had been trying to tell her that this needed to stop and so I had sent her a bunch of angry text messages on Snapchat telling that we either needed to fix this or end this friendship but all she seems to do is avoid the inevitable of where this friendship is headed and now she is taking a break from all things social media and let's just say I am very annoyed, hurt and pissed off by her actions. So as of this moment, I have left the ball in her court to figure out this friendship because I am sick of it.

In my honest opinion, having a friendship with a person should dictate to both your needs in the friendship, not just by having a one-sided friendship that after awhile goes nowhere or you begin to see problems. A friendship is about being there for one another and helping each other find solutions to problems together. They are there to help you figure out if what you're doing is the best or the worst thing possible. And that is what I truly want in a friendship, not some complicated thing that is happening and you can't even begin to fix what is happening in that so called friendship.

And that is why I think people tend to take so much for granted in their lives and they need to realize their actions lead to so many things.