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Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Susan. I'm a 19 year old girl who is currently living in the Holy City. I was born November 27, 1997 on a Thanksgiving morning. I'm adopted into a wonderful family and I'm one of seven kids. I'm here to tell you my story of me finding my place in the world and the struggles it took me to get where I am right now. Are ya'll ready for this adventure?

I was born to a woman named Angie. She had me at the age of 19. Angie wasn't a very good mother. She sold her body to men for drugs, alcohol, and money. There were always strange men coming in and out of the house. I had no father so I always thought maybe one of them were him. Cops always came in and out to keep tabs on me and my other two siblings. Unfortunately, a man came in the house one night when I was taking a bath. That man raped me. I was around three years old and soon was taken away to foster homes. I don't remember the first lady, but my mom says her name was Sarah. I remember two foster homes, hell, then back to my forever family. Here we go.

The first foster home I actually remember being in was a little town in Cleveland. I'm happy to say that they are the ones who actually adopted me. I'm getting ahead of myself, so lets continue on. Now, I can't give you names, but these people were so special to me. My foster mom was a beautiful brunette with blue eyes, and my dad was a big guy (he still very much is) with blue eyes also. I had a big sister and an older brother. My brother always joked around, saying he was going to feed us to the dog or throw us in the fireplace, but that's just how older brothers are. I thought I was going to stay with them forever. One day, social services came and took us away to stay with another family. My sister and I were very sad that this wasn't our forever home.

When we got to our second foster family, they welcomed us with open arms. They were a small Puerto Rican family with two boys of their own. Of course, the youngest was my favorite. He would always make me feel like I was at home. I loved being part of the family and trying all the new foods I could. They were such beautiful people to be around that it's super hard not to smile when you're around them. Unfortunately, we got taken away... again. Our next home was a living hell.

Welcome to Hell! We were taken to our biological aunt's house. Her name was Capri, her husband was a man named George. It felt like we were there forever. We would get "punished" for the smallest of things. The TV has fingerprints on it: you get whipped, hard. If you tracked mud in the house by accident, you'd get whipped. Seemed like I was always getting whipped. We always had bruises on us from how hard we were beaten. From this day, I can still feel the powerful sting of the metal ladles. The food was practically inedible. It literally was gunk that smelled like a skunk hit the house. 

One day my sister and I decided to plot a way out of the house until we found out a family actually wanted us. We had the choice of staying with them or going to my forever home. If we had chosen to stay, they were going to send us to a place where we could have been killed. We chose the other family, my forever home. They drove all the way to Oklahoma to get us. They saved the lives of two little girls.

We finally get to see who picked us up. It was my first family. You have no idea how happy we were to see them. We went home to a big house and were reunited with our little brothers. They thought we were going to be toys or something. A few years passed and I was in the fifth grade. My mom called my sister and I down from our room.We thought we were in trouble for something. My mom looked at me and says, "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" Obviously, we chose the bad news to get it out of the way. "I don't know what to wear." We were confused at that point, and asked why. "Let me finish. I don't know what to wear on your adoption day." I was still a little confused until my sister yells, " We're finally getting adopted? When?" 

We were adopted April of that year. There was a big white limousine outside our house and it was the judge's birthday. After the adoption we went to Toys 'R' Us and Red Robin. I was never happier in my life. Then sixth grade happened and we moved. To Holy City, that is. I was homesick for a month. I knew I was homesick because I vomited at least once a day for that month.

Middle school wasn't any fun, then high school came. Freshman year was the year I met him. Sean was the most perfect person in the world to me. His gorgeous blue eyes and his smile lighting up the room always had me in daydreams. I was battling depression, and currently still am, but he was there to make everything better. I had my senior boy, my soulmate.

During sophomore year, my grandmother died and my nephew was born. My nephew was born on the same day she passed. I started pushing people away, including my senior boy. I told him I never wanted to see him again. Everything went into a downward spiral. Junior year I lost my virginity to some guy who would later cheat on me with three girls, and it was on my birthday. Everyone said it would hurt, but I honestly didn't feel a thing. Shhh... don't tell my mother; she still doesn't know this.

Senior year? Screw that year. I ended up dating a guy named Blaiz. He was a cheater, a liar, a pedophile, and abusive as hell. I was never so scared to break up with somebody in my life. We dated for seven months. All with me being scared of him. I left home because I didn't feel like I belonged in the family as I went on in this dangerous relationship. I just felt too different. This relationship was so unhealthy that I weighed a solid eighty pounds. I was anorexic.

Since I left home, I stayed with a friend—at least, that's what I thought he was, until I found out he raped me. Logan and his roommate poured nine shots of vodka down my throat, while holding me down, and three beers. The only thing I remember from that night is crying and saying I wanted to die, and opening the door for another roommate who sobered me up. We ended up going to a night club called Cure (it is now a gay night club) where I was told that he slept with me. I have no memory of this, which makes this rape, and I was still dating Blaiz.

I left to stay with a friend, and then ended up and my senior boy's house. He looked so good, but I couldn't do anything. I gave Blaiz a chance to show me he could change, so I stayed with him for a week in Michigan. He was even more abusive than before, so I went back to South Carolina to Sean. I was stuck in a town called Georgetown and called Sean to pick me up. He made up destination times so I wouldn't know when he was actually going to be there. I turn around when I finally hear his voice and jump into his arms. I told him I broke up with Blaiz and I wanted a chance to be with him. That night, on September 23, we started dating and my life has changed so much.

I finally had my senior boy. He got me into a healthy weight. I now weigh 120 pounds. My depression isn't as bad, although it is genetic, and we are getting married in December. I can't wait for this lifelong adventure we are going to have together, and I can't wait to be the mother of his children. I know in my heart that I picked him because he is the one, he is healthy for me, and he will not ever hurt me. I love him!

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