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My Thoughts on Love

First Time Being in Love!!


Everybody has their own meaning of what they think love is or how it feels to be loved. Love is unconditional. Not trying to change someone and accepting them for who they are. You should have a deep feeling of sexual desire and affection towards that person. Love sometimes will be painful, but if it’s the right person, it's worth fighting the pain with that person. It will also bring tears and sadness sometimes. It requires lots of affection, paying attention, listening, trust, great communication, and mutual support. But some people might be too blind when it comes to love. They’ll keep forgiving someone that’s not right for them just because they love that person.

This is the longest relationship I’ve ever had, and I can honestly say I’m in love with this guy. He’s the first person I can be my true self around. He doesn’t make me to be somebody else. When I’m going through something, he’s always there. When I need someone to talk to, he’s there with open ears. We may not agree on everything, but at least he still understands my point of and how I view certain things. We make each other stronger. We motivate each other. We believe in each other. We inspire each other. And I say we because making a relationship work takes a team. You must do it for each other. When it comes to it, you must sacrifice for each other.

He has made me feel amazing in ways nobody else has ever made me feel. And that’s why when I think about my future, he’s in it. He’s as stubborn as can be, but so am I. I’ll be at my worst, and he’ll still think I’m at my best. I still get butterflies when he does certain things. It's like the longer we're together, the stronger our love grows for each other. We learn new things about each other everyday. He’ll go the extra mile, just to make me happy. We've also built a great friendship.

Sexual intimacy is important in a relationship. It’s a way of showing love and affection. It also helps create a bond when the desires are fulfilled. Sex can help relieve stress. Sexual intimacy between my partner and I is great. And it helps after a long day of stress. It also has an emotional appeal at the end. Physical touch is very important in our relationship. The little things he does matter so much. From making breakfast, to giving me massages, to washing my back when we're in the shower together, to kissing me on the forehead, and to helping my nightmares go away.

The chills that run through my body from being around him, or getting mad when he has to go home. He always makes me laugh no matter what. The warmth I feel from the hugs, kisses, and cuddling he gives me. Just being around him makes my day complete. We have a lot of common interest that we share. I try doing things he likes and he tries things I enjoy doing.

Relationships take a lot of work; that’s why one person can’t do all the work in the relationship, because it will not last. It takes commitment between the too. Jealousy shouldn’t really be a factor, but people start to get insecure about themselves and that’s when the jealousy starts. Women start to hate the way they look, and they start comparing themselves to other women. And ideas start rambling through their heads that maybe because she’s prettier than I am he will cheat with her, but what people don’t understand is when you start to think those things then you’re losing trust in the partner. If you don’t have trust, your relationship won’t work.

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My Thoughts on Love
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