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#My Worst Date Story

Wasted Date Story

Well, it all started after I graduated high school, I mean barely graduated high school. I wasn't a scholar by any means. The typical kid that copied someone's paper for a nominal fee of course. Although I had a certain gift at singing and thought that was my way out of the life that I was in. Had the best looking girl at the school and plenty of friends, so you could say I was the Fonzi of the TV show Happy Days of my era. Being I had honors chorus boosted my celebrity status tenfold. Known for my style of sound that sent the ladies crazy and always wanting to be around me there was nothing that held me back and I wasn't going to stop until I reached the top and make it big time. When I heard the news that I was going to graduate I fell to my knees and thanked God first because, as I mentioned earlier when I told you I barely graduated, I failed the eighth grade a while back mainly because I was a knucklehead and a ladies man and thought books were for geeks. Had to learn the hard way and that was a lesson learned. You know how it is when you think you're the man and feeling like you are on cloud nine. Cheech and Chong couldn't hold a candle to me. I smoked so much weed, I think if I would have gotten cut nothing but the smoke would spew out of that cut. A handsome and cocky kid that I was, not to be too full of myself I felt like I was invincible. Back then gas was a dollar fifty and the products that are out now that were out back then tasted a lot better. Wait, I know what you're thinking, but this was in the 90s, I'm not that old. Cell phones were out then thank you even though they were flip phones they were out darn it. Partying was an understatement for me though I went to a few of them in my lifetime and had a blast. True, I could remember very few because I was so wasted, but my friends tell me I was the life of them. Till one party when I went with my cousin was one I wish I would have taken back. I'm a country boy so you can imagine this party was in backroads-country, where if you were to trip in it you would be out of it.. that tiny. Back to this beautiful lady that I met, well, to make a long story short, we hit it off and decided to call each other the next day to go out.  Fresh dressed and feeling like a million bucks I was ready. She picked me up and yes I had a car but she wanted to drive, I'm not a scrub ladies. We went to a movie and after the movie, we got a couple of drinks before she took me back home. Me thinking I'm the big drinker, I chugged down some cheap liquor which I don't recommend to anyone. So after it settled in me she started to get frisky and we started kissing each other. So after I got a half of a word out that was it, I thought the window was down in the car I was so wasted. Next thing you know I felt like I was going to hurl and fast so I leaned next to the window and spewed chunks which redirected right back in my face because the window was up. So after she died laughing I called it a night and needless to say never heard from her again. Once again #worst date ever.

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#My Worst Date Story
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