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Disastrous Date Night to the Movies

When I was young, I always thought I would have an amazing first date with someone when I got older. He would pick me up and take me to a movie and then grab a nice dinner. Unfortunately, that was not the case in this situation. 

It was the spring of my senior year in high school. I worked with this guy at the mall for about three months. One day he randomly asked me out on a date and I said yes because I felt like getting to know him more. Where we worked, we were busy all the time and never got to talk to each other. 

That day, I was at an end of the year party for my AVID club. He said he would pick me up in his car but once he got to the building we were at, he was in his aunt's van. I asked what happened to the car and he explained that his car broke down a few hours ago and he had to get a ride to come get me. Understanding as I am, I left it at that and we drove off. 

When we arrived at the theater and waited in line, he told me a bit about himself. He had just turned 19 and worked at a big dealership. He seemed nice but something didn't seem right to me. As we get to the ticket purchase box, he mentioned that he "left his wallet at home." So I had to end up paying for both of our tickets. We wait in line again for the movie doors to open and he walks up to the bar, pulls out his wallet, and buys a beer!  Surprised, I asked in frustration why he lied to me. His excuse was he had enough money for beer and had just turned 21 but was afraid to tell me since I was 18. I was so upset with him about that but I decided to stay and watch the movie, since I had already payed for the tickets. 

Throughout the movie, he was constantly talking to me about his whole life story and interests. I wouldn't mind listening to him if we were out to dinner or doing something other than at a movie: however, that was not how he viewed it. He mentioned very personal information to me along with how he had already caught feelings for me, having only known me for not even a full night, and adding his input on "our marriage" as if he knew we were going to work out after that night. Little did he know that I was not thinking of anything close to that at all.

I like to think of myself as a people person, being comfortable around people and getting to know them. However, that night was very different for me. It had turned into such a bad night and I was regretting all my decisions so fast. I told my date I wanted to go home so he called his cousin to come pick us up. He never answered the phone and we were stuck at the movies during a week day. Additionally, his phone had died and I couldn't get ahold of anyone to pick us up. We ended up waiting till a little after midnight for someone to pick us up.

Overall, I wasn't happy and I wasn't enjoying my time. Never have I met someone so careless and full of lies. Lying really gets you nowhere in life. It shows you the people to trust and to back away from. 

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