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They only have eyes for themselves!

Having lived through a horrific marriage to a class one narcissist has been the most life changing experience of my life. It nearly destroyed me and my kids. I read everything I could find on narcissism and narcissists and their victims. My ex's diagnosis did not go unchallenged (by him of course) but, then no surprise! That is what a narcissist does. They turn everything around to make you feel that you are at fault, that you are the crazy one, that they cannot  be with you because they "were meant for greatness," and anything that they do wrong they say they never did, and that you are the one that did this. 

Don't even try to explain anything because you are told you are stupid. Don't ask a question of them because you will be told that they can't believe you are questioning them and that you are undermining their authority. It is a vicious circle meant to make you believe that you are the problem when in fact they are projecting their own faults and wrongdoings on you. Do NOT fall for these lines. Run, run very fast in the opposite direction of this narcissist. The narcissist will only be happy when everything is going their way. When they cheat on you they will blame you and say that "you drove them to it" or they will accuse you of cheating when you have not. They never seek out another partner as good as you. Nope. They find someone that they feel they are superior to so that they can make themselves feel better about themselves. They then strut like a peacock because they feel superior to the next partner while you, the victim, are left wondering what the hell just happened. 

I can tell you what happened because I lived it. It was a tear-jerking, eye-opening experience like no other. The narcissist will berate you for hours, text you encyclopedia sized texts telling you of your faults and how they loved you but that they can't love you anymore because you are too nice and people love you. What?! I know, that sentence was a contradiction because that is how the narcissist will play with your head. It is a sick mental game to them that they love to play, enjoy watching their victim(s) hurt, and they get a high from the torture they are inflicting. It doesn't matter how old the victim is or if it is a family member or their own child. They only live for the excitement they derive from the hell they put the victim through. They do not care whom they hurt, however, they do care who knows what they are doing. They do not like others to know what they are doing or what they are inflicting on their innocent victims because this shatters their holier-than-thou persona. If their image is tarnished, the narcissist will retaliate against their victim and it is never good for their victim. Their victims are then further berated and abused verbally, mentally, and unfortunately sometimes physically attacked, worse than before. The narcissist only cares that people know what they are doing because then, the narcissist looks bad to them. Narcissists don't like it when their mask falls off because their ego is blown and they must seek another avenue for their sick game.

Bottom line... Do not listen to this person! Get away as fast as you can. Be careful whom you tell because not everyone cares or understands and will then deem you crazy. That is what the narcissist wants. Get away and don't look back. I did and it has been wonderful for me and my kids. There are other fish in the sea, just not all mentally ill ones. Life goes on and you deserve happiness. If they come back don't listen to their lies. They are only coming back because what they thought was their new source of entertainment didn't work out and they think you want them back. No way! Don't talk to them or listen to their voicemails. Immediately delete their voicemails and texts without listening or reading. Find your happiness and you will find the right partner. You will achieve your greatness once you are free of the narcissist!

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