Danyelle Lewinson
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No Hate

Support each other, don't tear down

So, I randomly clicked on a video on YouTube. It was a proposal video. A woman proposing to her longtime girlfriend. It was very sweet and very beautiful. Then I started to read the comments on the video and felt really disgusted by what these people said. I can't believe how close minded some people are. Those words hurt me a lot. I saw words like faggot, and dykes. One person even said, "We need more gas chambers." 

First off if you are that close minded to a homosexual person don't watch the videos. I also saw people saying that the women would go to hell. Or my favorite thing people say the Bible says that it is wrong. The one people always quote is Leviticus 18:22 which says, "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman that is detestable." Okay so I come back with the ten commandments. Which include adultery, and coveting your neighbor's wife or house. So, all the people that are cheating on their spouse, or lusting over another man's wife please check yourself first. It also says the greatest commandment is loving your neighbor as yourself. That's in Matthew 22:39. Now moving away from Bible verses. Love is love everyone has the right to love whoever they please. Until you as a person stop sinning and become perfect, don't judge me. I may go to hell in a handbasket but I don't really care. I'm okay with who I am. 

Honestly, you are in the same boat as me. Guess what, as you are judging me and calling me names you are committing sin. It's okay stay on your pedestal and think you are doing me a favor. It is seriously sad to me that people think all of this is okay. If you think being gay is disgusting, not right, or that it goes against whatever you stand for then I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you are judging me and the whole LGBT community. Society today has been changing. Just because the world is more accepting does not by any means it gets easier. There is still a struggle in the community. Spewing hate is a sin. Somehow, discrimination still exists. Gay people still get beat up. Gay people still go through the same job process as everyone else. It hurts as much as the next thing does. But, it is not anyone's right to live in fear. That's what the LGBT community does daily. Every day is a fight. Every day they wake up and are happy they are still alive. Why, because nothing happened to them. It takes more courage to speak to a family member about their sexuality. They fear that they will not be accepted by their own family. Some even get out casted by their family. 

It takes a toll. They find themselves. Who are you to judge how they live their life. So, unless you can tell me that you have never in your life sinned don't judge me. Because guess what, you sin every single day. You know what the biggest sin most people have committed is sex before marriage. What you didn't know? Let me bring up one more point. The suicide rate is four times higher in the LGBT community than the other community. Did it hit you yet? Every word of hatred you speak may be the last straw for one person. I will continue to stand for the right to love whoever I want. If you haven't guessed it yes, I am a bisexual woman. Yes, I am in a relationship with a female. No, I don't care what you think. 

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No Hate
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