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Not Being Able to Love

For the Girls and Boys Who Have Been Hurt

Love. Love is the most powerful thing, a feeling which is unexplainable yet the most extraordinary thing ever. The thought of caring and giving someone everything sounds like a dream, but what if you cant? I’m sure people have loved someone so much so, no one else can compare. You hate the feeling of being lonely, yet you can’t find the perfect person to replace who you used to have. I’ve been in this situation before, and so have many people, so don’t ever feel like this feeling is unusual because it isn’t at all. It’s normal for you to compare any potential partners to your ex or someone you used to love; it is super hard not to do it. But it won’t get better or easier if you don’t learn to not do it. Of course, it will be hard, but you don’t want to feel like you’re in an unhealthy cycle just feeling sad and lonely all the time. I built up a wall ever since I parted from someone who I loved. I never gave anyone else a chance to talk to me or see if something would go somewhere. It’s not only unfair on the other person, but it’s also unfair on yourself. Don’t ever think you’re going to be lonely forever just because you haven’t given multiple people a chance. If you don’t feel it, then you don’t. You just have to learn that who you loved was someone you USED to. You and that person broke up for a reason. Yes, they might have made you laugh constantly and made you feel like you were on cloud nine, but who says no one else will make you feel like that? There’s millions of people in the world, but what makes you think not one person will be someone you’ll find and love? Go out and give people a chance. Even if you don’t feel it 100 percent, it will make you work it out if you have a specific type, or it will even make you realise what you do like that you wouldn’t think you would. In the end, you're making life lessons, and along the way learning about yourself. Just surround yourself with your friends and family because in the end, they are the ones you love the most. But remember the feeling of being lonely wont be forever; it takes time, but don’t waste your days away. Make the most of trying new things and putting yourself out there.

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Not Being Able to Love
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