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Ocean Deep

Waters Blue

He was like an ocean, glittering and beautiful on the surface. At first glance, he seemed soft and comforting and warm. Unable to resist the glimmer of his water and the deep comforting scent of the air around him she steps closer to the edge of his waves. His waves lapped against her pulling her closer to him, she smiled wondering what it would be like beneath the surface, giving herself completely over to him. As she dove into his waters she sunk beneath the calm surface and she began to discover the vastness of his depths. Directly above her lived a serene blue light that she watched with wonder as she fell deeper into him. The waters started to get dark and cold, forms cloaked in darkness began to surround her. The dark shapes began to move around, but every time she felt scared or lost she looked up and saw his light. She didn’t swim long in the openness of him before she felt the need to shrink back into herself. She wraps her arms around herself letting her body sink lower into the cold water she starts to struggle beneath the forms swimming around her, careful not to startle them. Wrapped in herself she struggles to find warmth, the forms around her begin to get closer. She looks towards the surface looking for any glimmer of the light she once saw in him but the darkness was deep and she couldn’t find any trace of who she saw before she entered the water that now consumed her. She longed for the time where she could watch him from the sandy shores, she longed for a time of wonder and warmth, she longed for some distance to separate them, some distance to let her catch her breath. His water filled her lungs starving her of air, water that once seemed so warm and calm was now strangling the life out of her. She was filled with a sadness that sunk her lower into him, she looked toward the surface but all she saw was darkness, a deep black closing in around her. She was now lost to the world, cut off from everyone except for him, she was isolated and wanted nothing more than to see the world that he had taken her from. She wanted out and he wanted her warmth so he wrapped around her and held her tight unwilling to let her go. She wanted out but she was unable to swim upward, unable to do what she physically could to escape because although her lungs were taken by water her heart was taken by him. She couldn’t leave him, she couldn’t forget the warmth that he had given her, the love that he had made her feel. She screams out unable to make a sound, no one around to sense her suffering. The grasp he has on her leaves her feeling the world, the life, the hope leave her body. And still, she feels she cannot leave, she is afraid of being without his beauty more than she is afraid of suffocating, for the starvation of air would feel sharper on the surface without him. Without him, she would fall into deep waters of her own, unable to breathe, think, or scream, and alone she would be suffocating on a surface filled with air, and that would be so much worse than drowning here, now, into him. She hits the bottom of the ocean, she gives into the darkness that won’t let her go, she releases her struggle and lets him consume her. She closes her eyes, stills herself, and lets him have her.

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Ocean Deep
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