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Old School

Back to the good old days, shall we?

Before you start reading this, here's the situation I'm in. 

It's 5:30 am, I can't get any sleep, I've watched a few too many rom-coms and all those happy endings and wonderful stories have been marinating in my head which this piece is going to be a culmination of.

Now, here's my story. I like old school, I've always loved the whole version of meeting someone in real life and the slow conversations that making an acquaintance a friend to someone you'd happily go through seasons of your favorite TV show with and eventually someone you decide you'd be foolish enough not to spend the rest of your life with. Now I know, it's not that easy, there's a lot of people and a lot of trial and error and we live in a world where convenience is at our fingertips, resulting in allowing us to make a smarter and might I add, safer choice in selecting that random shot in the dark, but maybe for just one second I'd like to go back to a time where we weren't afraid to take risks. 

Me personally, I'd always thought we'd meet in a Barnes And Noble, she reading a classy Tintin Comic and me browsing, only to find her reading my favorite and I would sheepishly introduce myself and have a fun conversation of what life event happened to make either of us loves the same ridiculous comic. We would get coffee, talk some more and go our separate ways, only to meet at the same spot, the same aisle and read our favorite comic again after a couple of days. Cheesy or sweet as that may sound, to many that seems like a distant thing yet something I believe we all hope for, maybe its not the fact that we have given up hope but the fact that we may have too many things out there that are more "convenient" than the one major factor in that cute yet so simple story, waiting...

Waiting sucks, waiting is sad and extremely painful when we live in such a fast-paced world, but for some reason I hope a lot of us can because I promised a bunch of my friends that when I'm 70 and have grandkids who run around the house asking me for candy and cool stories, I don't ever want to have a "How we met story" which goes "yeah we met on a dating app and things just kinda took off" (no offense to people on dating apps..). I never want to have a dull story, I hope I always meet strangers who dare to be old school, dare to put themselves out on a whim to talk to a random dude in a candy store, or ask the next girl why she's staring at teddy bear five times her size at the mall, and also be extremely excited to meet people who are more than okay doing a 178 minutes marathon of the entire Lord of The Ring Series or someone who'd binge the entirety of the Sherlock series.

For now, this is me and a chapter of my story, I hope I find many of you on this new journey.

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Old School
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