One Love.

Is Greater Than 10,000 Likes

I have been known in my day to make some humorous, yet insensitive, remarks via social media. Especially those pertaining to women of low moral character and/or those who ease through life without being held accountable etc., grasp my attention today. Though the subject requires attention, I could’ve been more tact in my delivery. 

These platforms give anyone the opportunity to persuade other’s views and opinions. I regretfully have not taken that responsibility in the manner in which I know I am capable of. I want to make sure, because of the timing in my own life to fulfill my duty to others in being their deterrent, if possible. This being in hopes that it reaches others before they let their passion and emotion get the best of them. As one can fall victim to the temptation of instant gratification, my effort here is to be proactive to give back the years of regret that social media takes from vulnerable people in the moment. 

I am never out to degrade someone who once held their trust in me. Some may not be as fortunate though at the time of passion. I can’t change the events past or those yet to be discovered. But, I hold one individual especially, to the highest of standards and it remains my duty to protect that. No matter the perception. I will never fail my responsibility to defend and protect the few that give me purpose. 

I have the ability to cherish the time spent and shared regardless of its hardships. Regardless of what people think, that still creates a bond that can strengthen the memory created for each other out of Love. That can’t be shared by anyone else. Bashing their character shows poor judgment. Your dedication to each other goes far beyond the physical relationship you allowed yourselves to see. No one is out to have a failed relationship and each one of you is saying to the world that this is the last time. 

After the break-up, that overwhelming pain sets in. You think to yourself “No one reminds you of this part…” That “part” is the product of when two people forget what made it worth the risk in the first place. All my memories remain perfect, even the ones that are not. 

Men, quit cheating. I hold no judgment, but your lack of self-control and respect to another human being serves no one except yourself. Even more so to the guys who are out to intentionally sabotage the future of two people. Trust doesn’t have the ability to go back in time, yet can negatively carry into the future. 

Women, stop lying. Hold yourself accountable. Your decisions affect more than just you. The truth always comes out. It takes away from the level of respect you were once held to in the first place. Which is what can give a man that feeling that he really is the luckiest guy in the world. Don’t take that away from him, as without knowing, it forever slips from your grasps as well. 

Respect is Life. Every day you earn it. It is you, and it doesn’t get another chance. They may not understand your intentions, but if you are mature enough to control your pride, they can’t ignore the relentless sacrifice and unprecedented, fear driven efforts you make to let them know how much they made an impact on your existence. That series of chaotic events is how growth emerges and defines who you are now. 

Respect doesn’t grow old, and there is no such thing as new trust… Because Love is a Loyalty Sworn... NOT BURNED.