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Our First Date

It's the little things.

It all started with an app. Tinder actually, my roommate in university convinced me to make a profile. She, being the promiscuous type, was likely to find what she was looking for. Myself, not so much. I talked to a few guys, when I didn't think they were too bad I asked a couple to go for coffee. None were up for such an adventure. So about a month passes, I venture home for Christmas break and as my location changes so do the candidates on this app. I happened to match up with this cute Italian guy, we got to talking and not long after he sends me his phone number via cheesy pick-up line. We texted basically non-stop for about a week then one night, he made a sarcastic remark about what his voice sounds like. I was in a particularly good mood so I was a bit bold, I called him. No warning. After that our days would end with phone calls to each other sometimes lasting four to five hours. We talked about everything our childhoods, past relationships, high school, family, our futures, literally everything. I really enjoyed this guy's conversation and his personality. I asked him if he'd like to meet me in person, I suggested we grab a coffee. 

Okay, the day is December 23, 2016. 

I was excited all day. I couldn't wait to meet this guy I've spent so much of my last two weeks learning about and getting to know. I picked out a black shirt and my favourite pair of light wash mom jeans. I get to the coffee shop, and I was immediately nervous. I realized I was so excited I forgot I rarely go out on dates, I don't know how to flirt and I'm definitely not 10/10 material, but never the less I'm was still 10 minutes early. I walked in and I didn't see him, I felt the butterflies set in. Just as I looked around the room again I hear "Hey mom jeans," from behind me. I spun around and there he stood. So handsome with his short dark hair, sculpted jaw line, next to perfect completion and the most beautiful greens eyes I had ever seen. He gives a slight smile as I gestured to take a seat at the table next to me. We made small talk but as we were talking I noticed that he was fidgeting with his hands on the table. I was confused so I gave him a nice smile but he quickly looked back down at his hands. I was so flattered that I made someone nervous that all of my nerves went away. After that I knew I could be my complete self with him. So I invited him to the movies instead of sitting in the coffee shop all night. 

We made our way to the local cineplex, more small talk and chitchat in the car ride. We went in, bought our tickets, picked our seats and all through this he had never once tried to even hold my hand. Now I thought this was odd, dates I had gone on before the guy would hold my hand to reassure me he was enjoy his time or so I assumed. Anyways the movie starts but I'm not even paying attention. I just keep looking at his hand. I wait about 10 minutes and he hasn't moved. So I decided fine, I'm enjoying my time I will hold his hand. I took another minute to muster up the courage but I took his hand and intertwined my fingers with his. He gave me a smile. I was content with my courage. I began watching the movie and about 15 minutes later. I turn my head as I hear him mutter under his breath, "I'm just gonna go for it." He looks at me gives me a smile, leans in, and kisses me. 

Ladies, it was the perfect level of gentle and pressure. I was sold. I knew I could be myself around him, what I knew about him I liked, I loved that he was nervous for the date too. But that mutter and that kiss oh my gosh. I could have kissed him all night. 

After the movie we got back in the car and he made a nice comment on the kisses and holding my hand, real endearing stuff okay. But me being me, the overthinking, defensive, jumping to conclusions girl, that thinks she knows guys. I blurted out that I wasn't the type of girl that was going to have sex with him in his car. Yeah.... I'm not perfect. But long story short he's my first love. I fell head over heels for him and we've been together ever since. I love all the little things about him because thats what makes him, him. I wouldn't trade our memories for the world.  

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Our First Date
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