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Our First Love

Our Story

Our First Love: Our Story

We could all remember the first person we fell in love with. Just like any favorite book or movie, we sometimes find ourselves re-imaging the "good parts,"  leading us to ponder of what could have been or would have happened. Yeah, I had those moments too. A moment where our weaknesses were our strength, as with every day we felt strong and complete. Time felt endless alongside them. The feeling of being free made our worries disappear. Our first love. 

We call it our first love because at first, we never saw it coming. A casual friendship. A friendship like the ones we saw on television. A real friendship where assurance was there and loneliness was never present, one that slowly pointed in a direction we wished never had gone. Do you remember looking them directly in their eyes and seeing the endless possibilities? Yeah, I had that too. At that moment forward, you felt it. We all felt it. The first glimpse of what we all wished would never leave us. Our first love. 

We now catch ourselves looking at the ceiling late at night, lost in our thoughts, visualizing situations of the possibilities you both could have experienced. We also found ourselves going over a long list of songs but repeating that single song. The song that connects you and that other person, the one you told your friends was "our song." A song you now look back on that opens the gates of past emotions it once brought to you.We tried our best to hide the pain that it brought us over those countless nights. Yeah, I felt those too. It's the feeling that haunts us at night but turns a nightmare into a pleasant dream. Our first love.

The feelings that we deeply hid behind chained doors, the ones we tried to keep hidden is pounding in our head trying to break itself free. The cuteness of it all was too overwhelming. We admitted that an innocent little crush had now formed into this largely bundled up feeling that doesn't seem to go away. It was hard to admit at first, but this person deserves our unlimited attention and our boundless care. Our first love.

Love. The corny word that perfectly describes the rush of excitement we have Christmas day. Love. A four-letter word that possesses the beauty of all the four seasons with each use. Like every season though, it has to come to an end. Like love, autumn has leaves fall off its tree preparing for a harsh winter. The winter that makes us cold, isolated and alone. Getting past winter was always the hard part, wasn't it? Overcoming the hard winters did help to transition to spring. A time of new opportunities, a time where warmth and comfort once again presented itself. Summer, however, is where happiness lies and something we're constantly in searches of. This is love. The seasons of love, for some, are experienced more than once. Others, however, get to live in summer forever. Our first love.

PS. The people we love will always shift and change. Meaning love doesn't always last forever for some. It's up to us individually to know when to fight for it and sometimes to let it go. I know it might sound cliche but its true. We all need reminding from time to time about our worth. Surround ourselves with people that we love and love us in return. To be quite honest, happiness will come and go. The love and support of those that care for us just help bad times feel a little better.