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Our Get Away

Escaping into the Arms of Love

It was Tom's idea to take ourselves away to the beach to escape from some problems. I couldn't have been happier at that. So, off we went to an island where no one would be able to recognize us and where we could be in peace while also having fun.

We finally make it to the small beach house we're going to be staying at and collapse on the bed. I hear Tom laughing behind me.

"You that tired love?"

"Aren't you?"

"Yeah a little bit."

"Then come join your wife in bed, Mr.Hardy."

"As you wish, Mrs.Hardy." He lies on the bed, then brings me into his arms. I bury my face in his chest. "Hey look at me for a second." I look up into his blue-green eyes.

"What's up?"

"This week is for us and is just about us alright. We will deal with the problem when we get back home. For this whole week let's not worry, but have fun. Alright?"

"I agree with you. Let's just have fun." He smiles, then leans down and kisses me deeply.

"I love so much, my love."

"And I love you, Tom." He kisses me again, then we take a nap since we're tired.

Later on in the day, when the sun is setting, we head out to take a walk on the beach. The sand feels so nice under our feet and so does the water when the waves hit.

"Hey, I was thinking that tomorrow we get on the motorcycle and go around the small town?"

"That's not a bad idea. I'm up for it."

"Perfect." He leans down and starts kissing my neck. I giggle a little because it tickles thanks to his beard.

"Tom what are you doing?"

"Well in our hurry, we weren't able to consummate our marriage. If you want to we could do it right now."

"Oh yes, my love. But in a bed. We can have sex on the beach later."

"Alright." He picks me up and carries me to our place while I laugh at his eagerness. Man do I love him.

After I finish getting ready I head outside. There's Tom with his bike ready to go. He looks so hot while sitting on his bike with that smile he's giving me. It's moments like these where I don't regret what Tom and I did. Also it gives me hope for our future.

"You look beautiful, love."

"Thank you." I get on the bike and wrap my arms around his waist. "Ready."

"Off we go then." He starts up the bike, then starts driving. As we drive around the small town I look out into the ocean which is so beautiful.

"Hey look over there." I look over and see a restaurant where everyone is eating outside.

"Let's have breakfast there."

"Just what I was thinking." He parks the bike, then helps me get off. Once we are seated I look around.

"God do I love this town you picked, Tom."

"Me too. We gotta walk around afterwards."

"Yeah. We should get each other wedding gifts."

"I thought you hated gifts."

"Only if they come from my parents, but from you I love it."

"Alright. After we eat let's split up and meet by the bike in an hour."

"Fine by me."

"Hey speaking of our marriage I wanna ask you something."


"Wanna move with me to London?"

"Of course. I'll be more at peace in another country."

"And all I want is for you to be safe and at peace." He grabs my hands and kisses them. "You mean the world to me."

"And you as well." We smile at each other with the thought that everything will be fine.

After we eat we split up to buy the gifts we are going to give each other. It's hard to buy something for a guy let me tell you that. Last Christmas I had no clue what to buy him, but my luck came through. As I look around I think back to how here. I always thought I would marry the man of my dreams the right way—such as a semi-big wedding, then head off to our honeymoon.

But, no. Because of my parents I had a quick civil wedding and had to run away like a fugitive out of the country for my honeymoon. Hey I am not complaining at all because in the end Tom and I are together and nothing is going to change that. I'm snapped out of my thoughts when I spot Tom's present.

"Oh, he'll love this."

An hour passes and Tom comes over to his bike that I'm currently sitting on. 

"Hey, were you waiting long?"

"Just ten minutes."

"Okay. Well here is your gift my love. I hope you love it." He hands me a small box. I take it, then peck his lips. I remove the lid and instantly smile. It's a necklace that's long and has a small rose in a bulb that looks like a flame.

"Oh thank you Tom." I hug him.

"You're welcome love." I take out my gift and hand it to him. He pecks my lips. He removes his lip and I take out my gift. It's a bracelet. The leather is braided with beads and the charm is a sliver heart and rose.

"I love it, beautiful." He kisses me deeply.

"So what do we do now?"

"Wanna go swimming?"

"Of course."

"Then get on the bike." We get on and head back to the house.

As soon as we get into the water we start splashing each other.

"Okay, truce!" I say and he stops splashing.


"Because of your giant arms you get more water on me than I do. So truce."

"Alright fine. Come over here to me." I walk over to him and he brings me into his arms. "Anything I want?"

"Yes." He smiles then leans down and kisses me. As our lips move together I feel like i'm in heaven.

"You're all I want." He says then goes back to kissing me.

On the final night of our honeymoon we do a fire on the beach. We roast marshmallows to make some s'mores.

"Can I ask you something, love?"

"Of course."

"Are you ever going to see your parents again?"

"No. Not after what they tried to do to keep us apart. I want to die after that, but I thought of you and I felt hope."

"I understand. My parents love you so at least you do have family."

"That makes me happy." My parents never wanted me to be with Tom because he's an actor. They always wanted me to be with someone that belongs to our social class which is the rich. Hell, in order to keep me away from him they put me on a plane that was going to another state where I was to be married to some old man. 

But I got the message to Tom and he saved me. We married quickly and escaped. His parents were a big help and I am forever grateful to them. While I eat, Tom looks over to me. "What?"

"Just admiring you." I blush and let out a small laugh. He comes over to me. "I love you and I promise that you are safe and that I will always protect you." I smile.

"I know Tom. I love you so much." I kiss him. As we kiss he pushes me down onto our towels. He breaks the kiss to kiss my neck making me moan.

"Can we have sex on the beach now?" I laugh.

"We sure can." He smiles. I am finally and will always be happy.

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Gisselle Canales
Gisselle Canales

Whenever I go out I wear jeans and a shirt with a cool design. I may be a huge tomboy but I am a sucker for romance.

I love films which is why I want to be a film director. Batman is my favorite superhero, rock and roll music is my favorite.

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