Nothing to Fear, Everything to Love

Michael Thielmann
in Culture

When we get right down to it, there are basically two things possible in the lives of every human being. We can act from fear, or we can act from love. It can seem a lot more nuanced and complicated t...


in Culture

What is Love? Is it the emotion you have for a partner? Is it the emotion you feel for your child? Or your mom or dad? Who knows what love really is? What I can probably explain to you is, how it feel...

Should You Tell Your BFF that Her Boyfriend is a Douche?

Susan McCord
in How To

Should you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is really an [email protected]? No one likes him but she doesn't know that. She thinks her boyfriend is great even though he is aggressive, controlling and abusive! Would you intervene? Should you? Whenever there is a question regarding safety or abuse with someone, (and that goes for men who are with these type of women as well) it is always important to help out your friends & family by acknowledging your concerns. Love really can be blind which makes ...

The Greatest Love Story That Never Happened - Part II

Matt Croyle
in Culture

PART II - Read Part I here.

Ways to Be a More Supportive Partner

Miranda O'Conner
in How To

Many people, when they feel they have done wrong to their lover, try to figure out ways to be a more supportive partner. Maybe they hurt their lover. Maybe they love a person something awful but fear ...

Rainbow Girl

Lara Alice
in Culture

I didn’t see the rainbow girl for quite sometime after that. Christmas came and went, as well as New Year. My grandparents Olga and Delio came to visit, and so did my brother Marco and his boyfriend N...

Retribution: Chapter 5

Rachel Lesch
in Entertainment

One did not have to be a fortune teller to be able to tell Marianne how her day would go, but the young man’s prediction echoed in her ears. Whether or not he had just been guessing, he had described ...

I Want You to Love Me

- E
in Culture

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was pretty shy and she knew exactly what she wanted in life. What she didn’t know was that she would have a little something weird for a guy she never tou...

Watch Your Language

Caroline Egan
in Culture

An incident from the last few years: Soft. Fuzzy. Warm. Electricity running through every capillary. Dark orange lighting. Music. Muted speaking. "We should get breakfast in the morning," he garbles a...

Love from Minnesota

Angela Baerthel
in How To

I get asked a lot about, “How to deal with a relationship.” First off... just like any other relationship. There are disagreements. It's not always easy. There are the up and downs of it all around. I...

Protecting Our Men

Charlene AG
in Culture

There are several things we should do for our men. We should love, encourage, and be supportive of our men. It doesn’t matter the nationality. All men need their women to love them unconditionally. Me...