How Far Can Love Travel?

Cil Borlaza
in How To

Long distance relationship, or LDR, is a bitch. But, she's a bitch that you would want to be friends with. I've been in an 8-year relationship that ended because of long distance, or so I thought. It'...

Date Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

There's a major misnomer that going on a date means that you will have to pay a small fortune for a restaurant bill, a movie, and maybe an Uber ride home. Though it's true that date nights can cost up...

Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Ephraim Portnoy
in Culture

There is a tune which is popular among Hasidim of Breslov, Oz V’Hadar Levusha. Its words come from Proverbs 31:25, Her clothing is of strength and splendor, and she will laugh on the last day. There is a story told among Breslovers as to how this moving tune came to be composed.

The Forbidden Attraction

Njabby Nyathi
in Entertainment

I'm writing this because I think I’ve finally cracked. Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t go to serve the purpose of seeing the pity written all over your face as I walk past you daily knowing that my l...

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Claire Raymond
in How To

A guide to saving money on your special day

Inspiring Books To Read If You’ve Been Cheated On

George Gott
in Buyer's Guide

Only someone who's experienced being cheated on knows the pain that runs through the body and in your head. Real heartbreak makes you feel like the air has been sucked out of you and the only position...

What to Do When Dating Someone With Depression

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

Dating is hard; dating when depressed is even harder. Depression isn't just feeling down in the dumps or blue; it's an entire distortion of one's perspective of reality. What might bring some joy beco...

Manly Skills That Seriously Impress Women

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

Let's just face it - certain skills a person can have are sexy, impressive, and just plain cool. Certain manly skills, too, can be a downright turn-on for certain women. Though most people might say t...

Surefire Signs That You Need To Rethink Being With Your Partner

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

There are certain couples that make everyone wonder why they are together. These couples fight, act cold towards one another, or keep struggling with infidelity issues - or worse. These are couples wh...

The Energy Of Human Emotion

Dr. Williams
in Culture

"May the force be with you." Science fiction? Maybe not! It is proven that every living thing emits energy. Our ability to harness and constructively use it is just beginning to be developed. An emoti...

Be Careful What You Say

Lynne Douglas
in Culture

Every now and then, a word will slip so easily off someone’s tongue and stab me right in the gut. It could be a co-worker joking around, grinning as they call their friend a gay slur. I try to hide my...