Put a Smile on your Face

Janine Addison
in Humor

I smile today because about a month ago, I was not. I had returned from visiting my sister in Dallas. I had a wonderful time with her, hubby and my fuzzy Maltese nephews. I come back to the home I sha...

Looking in The Mirror: Sexuality in Skateboarding

Moby Howeidy
in Culture

On September 27, 2016 the skateboarding world changed forever when one of the most beloved professional skateboarders in the world, Brian Anderson, announced in a video to the public that he is gay. T...

The 'Living Together at Separate Addresses, Sharing the Toothbrush' Shuffle

Lizzie Boudoir
in Culture

Love has turned me into a “shopping-bag." But I'm not the only one. I've learned that many of the innocent-looking tote bags I see sprouting squash racquets and office files are likely to contain a to...

Signs You're In A Parasitic Relationship

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

In school, you probably learned about creatures called leeches in biology. Their main claim to fame is that they suck - and that they're parasites. Without something to suck blood from, leeches simply...

That Old Familiar Rain

Dr. Williams
in Culture

In the wee hours of twilight the rhythm of the falling rain moves with a tempo whose melody is unmistakably somber in tone. The pitter patter beats a painful reminder of those yesteryears where bitter...

Beautiful True Romances from History

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

There are a few universal things, no matter how far back you go into history: death, wrath, war, and love. Romances of a grand and majestic nature are often forgotten in the vast scheme of history. Th...

Why Are Old People So Freakin' Mean?

Danielle Banner
in Humor

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in suburban New Jersey, half-working, half-surfing the web, half-stuffing my face with a delicious piece of goat cheese topped multigrain toast. Like any normal...

Reasons Why You May Feel Trapped In A Relationship (And What You Can Do About It)

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

If you go out in the streets and take a walk, you will see at least one couple in which it's clear that at least one partner feels trapped in a relationship they don't want to be with. It's often obvi...

Signs That You Legitimately Terrify Dates

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

Once in a blue moon, you'll meet someone who is great on paper but can't ever seem to get a girlfriend regardless of how hard he tries. Sometimes, it's not a guy who has this problem - it's a girl. Ei...

Breaking Free

Vanny Flame
in Culture

Sadly the family we are born into dictates a lot about who we are and how we will function later on in life and in society. Some will come from open minded households that allow them to seek unending ...

Why Do Some People Date Their Lookalikes?

Liz LaPoint
in Science

Maybe it’s me, being the product of a white American father and a black Ethiopian mother, but I find it extremely weird when I see couples who look like they’re related. And I’m not talking just super...