The Hidden Side of Society...

Amber Dodd
in Culture

I have been called many things, squeezed into the minuscule gaps of each letter of my name like each resembled a bottomless chasm in which seemingly meaningless words could hide. Most say that I am ju...

The Struggles Of Getting Over A Broken Heart

Erica Lindsey
in Culture

It's been over three months when I learned about my husband's infidelity, which at that time, it had happened six months prior. My world flipped upside down. The worst part? She messaged me through a ...

Why I Don't Care About My Labels, and You Shouldn't Care About Mine Either

Kade Lynn
in Culture

Over the past five years, I have identified as every label from the acronym LGBTQ. When I was 13, I was convinced I was bisexual. During that year, I conflicted between identifying as a lesbian and bi...

The Fear Within

Stacey Jimenez
in Entertainment

Getting ready for work. I've taken a shower, gotten dressed and brushed my teeth. It's a typical Tuesday afternoon. I feel like today is going to be a good day. I say this while in the comfort of my o...


Jasmine Davis
in Culture

It is often said, true happiness involves another person. Happiness starts with self-acceptance but self-acceptance is usually found with the help of someone else. All over the internet we see picture...

The Greatest Love Story That Never Happened - Part I

Matt Croyle
in Culture

A Memoir of Dialogues, Poems, and Photographs


Danyelle Lewinson
in How To

Waking up in the middle of the night. Every day I feel this fright. The nightmare I relive each night. Once was enough seeing his face. I feel distrust. Betrayal of the family I once knew. Nightmare e...

Love After Baby If You Are Single

Holly colman
in Culture

How do you feel? You must be tired, cranky, covered in baby puke and other things. Those things don't help a relationship, but they are perfectly normal. So if you are single already or want out of yo...

My Last Love

David Coon III
in Culture

This story starts a few years ago. She caught my eye but I couldn't say a word. I spent an entire year sitting just feet from the girl of my dreams. Love at first sight. Never able to do more than shy...

Let's Talk Pride

J.C. Marie
in Culture

June is Pride month. Throughout this month I have seen and shared a number of posts celebrating the month and the queer community. However, I have also seen posts against the queer community and sayin...

What Comes After

Raven Spoor
in Culture

She tried hard to keep her eyes on the blank, white paper in front of her and her fingers on the home row of her typewriter. She could not tell you why she used a typewriter when she had a perfectly b...