5 Things to Help Un-Break Your Heart, Once He Broke It

Beth Gibbons
in Humor

One of the worst things to go through in life is a break-up. You can be in a relationship with someone whom you believed to be "the one" and they suddenly turn around and rip your heart out of your ch...

Who Does Your Happiness Depend On?

Nikola Lodkowska
in Culture

It is 10th of June 2017, 11:41 am as I’m sat on my bed, with my laptop on my thighs. The duvet’s covering my feet so I’m not too cold even though the window’s open; I’m usually cold, although I like f...

Looking In The Mirror

Dawn Luna
in How To

I want to begin by saying that the mirror I am referring to is not a literal mirror. Although a literal mirror is what we use to make sure we are presentable to others physically, the mirror I'm refer...

An Open Letter To My First Love

Lola Rose Wright
in Culture

My first breakup was almost 3 years ago. I was 15 and in what felt like love with my best friend. Heartbreak is a difficult thing to describe unless the person you are explaining it to has experienced...

Thinking Back I - Bullies

Veronica Hunter
in Humor

Do you remember the time in primary school, secondary or even college? The time when you felt like every morning you have to go to a Big Brother's house where everyone will be looking at you, judging,...

My Mentally Ill Ex

Harley Quinn
in Culture

I seem to be a magnet for the worst of the worst when it comes to men. Every single relationship I have ever had has ended badly due to the abusive behavior of the man I'm dating at the time. I don't ...

Plato's Cavedwellers

pamela jones
in Culture

PLATO'S MYTH OF THE CAVE In this story, the cave is underground. A functioning community lived within this underground dwelling. Each day, the cave dwellers went about their duties. At night, they set...

"I Intend to Survive"

Jennifer Money
in Culture

Many Americans fear losing health insurance as a result of the recent House vote to make drastic changes to the current Affordable Care Act. The Senate will vote on this bill next with likely challeng...

Strange Poems: The Result of My Non-Stop Mind

Majorie Bastardo
in Culture

As a result of having a non-stop mind (always taking me out of normal reality), I started to write everything that comes to it. Unfortunately, they come in the form of poetry. Don't get me wrong, I lo...

Last Chance for a Slow Dance

Shae Davidson
in Culture

They slipped away one by one as they town slept. The weak shadows cast by the glow of digital clocks were almost invisible as they first flexed and stretched, straining to reach a wall or the leg of a...

Days with Fleas in My Ears

Suresh Nellikode
in Humor

We had a peculiar neighbour. When I say peculiar, it goes to such an extent where I used to run away from his peculiarity of sustained high-pitched tone of whining. He has something or the other alway...