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Pathological Lies

Overcoming Liars

Action speaks louder than words.

In my life I have come across a lot of things many different people but this guy was one of a kind.

We met through a friend and due to being a good person I chose to be a friend to someone I was warned to not trust. With my good heart I took on a challenge thinking I could be a great friend and change his bad habits. He was a cocaine addict and was suffering from mental health problems, due to past trauma. I didn't think it was such a big deal, until he started making me a fool. 

He would offer his help to me for emergencies, and as I waited at an arranged time and location for help, he would leave me stranded, and still feel nothing for it. There was a time I had to attend my grandmothers funeral, and needed cash to go, and he offered to help, thinking he would. He left me high and dry with no explanation and when I would ask he would say he was busy, without any remorse. 

Later on I let it go and required assistance for my vehicle and he had said "yes, definitely give me a few moments," and then disappeared coming back with," I don't trust myself or anyone, what if you're using me. " I then began by proving my loyalty as a friend so he could feel comfortable. Until the next dilemma, and so on this continued for about one year and three months until eventually I had realized he was mentally unstable and was in turn making me go crazy, for his mind going crazy. I tried my best to understand and he was also very capable of helping me grow, until I could stand on my own however, his mental state caused me many sticky situations, because I had forgiven and trusted his word. A year and three months later I had chosen to cut all ties until he decided to threaten me for wanting to leave. I was not standing for that.

Ladies and gentlemen, never let a man or a women make you a fool, make you silly for being a good person to them. Never allow another to disturb your mental and emotional health just because you are kind. Put your foot down and say no to that before you end up going crazy not trusting people as they give you one lie on top of another, walk away you deserve better.

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Pathological Lies
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