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Romance Mentality

"You asshole!" I watch from behind a tree as the girl screeches at him, his face a picture of disinterest.

"Calm down, you're going to upset other people," he said with a sigh and she spat at his feet.

"I loved you, how could you do this to me?!" she shrieked, as though not hearing his answer. His eyebrow cocked as he gazed down at her.

"I told you from the very beginning, I wasn't looking for anything serious." She scoffed and slapped him hard across the face, his head turning back to her, his expression unchanging. "Slap me again if it helps get your anger out, but I'm not changing my mind." I peered further around the tree as she gave a tortured sob and ran off on wobbly feet, leaving him standing there, his arms folded and a sigh puffing into the cold evening air. "You gonna stand there all day staring at me?" he called, looking over with a smirk as I stepped out from behind the tree and walked over, slipping my hands in my pockets with a hum.

"You always go for the ones with high-pitched screams, don't you? I guess that has advantages in bed though." He chuckled and turned to face me as I approached. Glancing over me, he pulled my hands out and held them in his larger, warmer ones.

"You forgot your gloves again," he muttered, rubbing one of my hands between two of his, his hands engulfing mine as he looked up at me, scanning my face before looking into my eyes and cocking a brow. "How come you never get angry at me when you see me breaking those girl's hearts? You don't even question me about it." I shrug and look back up at him with a matching piercing gaze.

"They shouldn't shout at you or get so angry. Them falling in love with you is their problem, not yours. You always tell them before you go on a date with them that you aren't looking for love or a serious relationship, only fun, so they have no reason to be angry at you when you dump them after they've developed feelings. If you hadn't of warned them, maybe then I would understand them being upset, but at the end of the day, they know to you it's just fun. You've done nothing wrong to deserve a slap, that's for sure." He hummed and smiled at me as I continued speaking, "Besides, it's not my place to judge you, just because I don't want to take part in the sort of relationship you do doesn't mean I have the right to dislike you for it. I'm sure you have your reasons. If that girl really didn't like that kind of relationship, she didn't have to go out with you." He chuckled and rubbed my other hand, giving me a kiss on the forehead and keeping a hold of my hand as we walked to the bus stop together.

"I never understood how someone so innocent could be so understanding." I giggle and smile at him, my gaze flickering to him then back ahead of us with a content sigh.

"I think I was just born like that. I think it's important to understand all sides of a situation and how everyone feels. If that girl had considered how you may feel in the situation, she may have been able to react more calmly. I understand why she's upset, but at the same time, it's not your fault so." He nodded and slung his arm around my shoulders, ruffling my hair in the process.

"Good thing I don't plan on making a move on you. Wouldn't want to lose you if you fell in love with me now, would I?" I laugh and roll my eyes as I flag down the bus and cock a brow at him.

"How do you know I'm not already in love with you?" I climb onto the bus, showing my pass as he does the same and snorts.

"Please, why would someone as innocent and smart as you fall for someone like me?" He slumps into the seat besides me watching me as I watch the view pass by out the window, lights flashing past in a blur as the bus pulls away onto the main road.

"Being smart has nothing to do with it." I look back at him and the corner of my lips twitches up. "Being smart is about being logical. There's nothing logical about emotions. You're a good guy Ricky, you're smart and kind and considerate, you're a good cook, and you're ambitious, but don't forget to think of others, too. Anyone could easily fall in love with you. I feel more sorry for you, being raised by such a wealthy and demanding family, I imagine falling in love is something you can't trust to be good for you." He looked at me for a moment, stunned to silence before chuckling and leaning back in his seat, closing his eyes.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you better than other girls." I smiled and patted his knee as I mirrored his relaxed stance.

"Why wouldn't you? I'm logical, emotionally supportive, and I haven't slapped you once." We laughed together, his hand laying over mine and giving it a soft squeeze.

"I'm going to stick a note on the front door next time: 'Remember your damn gloves you fool.'"

This piece is inspired by some stories I've seen where the 'player' is depicted often as the bad guy in a situation. I am in no way suggesting there is nothing wrong with tricking a girl or guy, however, I believe it is wrong to assume that behind every person who isn't ready for or doesn't want a committed relationship, there is a bad person or a bad friend. Honesty is, in my opinion, one of the most important factors to all relationships, friendships, etc. This is my personal view on a situation where the 'player' is not at fault or is a wrongful or cruel person.

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