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Reasons we need the term.

The term Queer used to be used with malicious intent. Many older people in the LGBT+ Community see the term as still having the malicious intent behind it, however that is not the case any more. No longer is the word an insult. The Community is bringing it back, using it for good, using it as an inclusive term. 

Here are reason why we like this term and need this term.

In my experience, Queer, to the younger generations of the community is an umbrella term. It is a way of including all genders, sexualities and practices that are not what society deems "normal". This brings me to my first point...

1) Inclusivity

The term Queer includes everyone who does not fit into the norms of society. From Transgender to Gay to Polyamorous-- which some people do not include, but hey... it is not a norm. It is Queer.

The term Queer can allow all people to feel included in our LOVING community. Our community is all about giving everyone a space to feel accepted and loved. Where everyone can feel like they fit in and are "normal". Why would we call it a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) or the Gay Community when not everyone identifies as gay, and not everyone in the community is there because of sexuality. And yes, some may say "Well, why don't we use LGBTQ+?", I say because who enjoys saying that? "Ell, Gee, Bee, Tee, Quew, Plus" is so long. "Queer*" is much shorter and easier to work into conversations. Plus, when you use LBGTQ+ many people want their acronym to be represented as more than just a plus sign so it turns into LGBTQQ+, then LGBTQQI+, then LGBTQQIA+, so on and so forth.

It is just an easier way to include everyone!

2) Unite us.

Using a term that is representative of everyone brings a large group of people together, it unites us and helps us create a loving community where we are able to work together to combat issues facing our members. With LGBTQ people group together with their letter. Lesbians group together, gays group together, Trans Folk group together... it divides. And yes, we risk this a little with Queer as there will still be people either a) not accepting of anyone else sexuality, b) not deeming certain sexualities or identities to be part of the Queer community, but hey. There is less of a chance. This allows us to prevent hostility between subgroups in the community by identifying as Queer, it unites us all.

3) Questioning

The term Queer is also amazing for all those questioning. It gives people the chance to figure out who they are while still being part of the community. They may not know which subgroup they are in, so they have the Queer community as a whole who will support them throughout their journey, instead of identifying as questioning, which in the Queer and Straight communities tends to be looked down upon. 

4) Fluidity

For many in the Queer Community, gender and sexual identity are fluid. They are constantly going through changes and shifts in their identities. The term Queer allows for this fluidity without letting members loose the community. We are constantly growing and learning new things about ourselves, this way we can still keep our community. 

5) Power in the word.

By using the term Queer, we are reclaiming the word. Taking away it's original power of pain and giving it new power. The power of a community. Us using the word and making it our own shows we are stronger than people think. It allows us to take something painful and turn it into something beautiful, a community, an identity. Who wouldn't want that?

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