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Reasons Not to Flip for Being Single in 2019

Happier humans are the ones that create good habits and a real spiritual connection to the supreme consciousness.

Bring harmony and balance to your soul.

So you're going into the New Year single. Although being apart of a divine union is beautiful, some have not been as fortunate in this area. From being newly single or habitually running into the wrong energy and not seeing the lessons we tend to stop appreciating what we have in front of us.

Well, what is in front of us? Only our fantastic self—really, no kidding what so ever on this. From the words of Sade; "This Is No Ordinary Love," and we shouldn't treat this time alone as such. In the crowd of many, be the difference! You are rare and beautiful, perfectly odd and original. Why allow society to influence us away from our very own thumbprint—there's an eternal beauty lying in recognition to be ourselves.

Wanting More...

We don't want to attach who we are to the idea of an arrangement? We want to find the real being that we are and the only way to do that is understanding this alone time is a beautiful journey—new beginnings, but we should do this not alone but with the guidance of the ALPHA and OMEGA of all things, trust me we all need the big guy.

Some of us tend to fantasize about what social media blast in our face every day about having RELATIONSHIP GOALS (sarcastically). Sure, we want something astounding too but at what cost? Do we risk contributing our energy, our intimate moments and time for something that’s just “good vibes?” or something that would bring longevity but without emotional fulfillment? No!

Being Single in 2019

Happier humans are the ones that create good habits and a real spiritual connection to the supreme consciousness of all creation. People who live life purposely and do not duplicate emotional habits or needs based on what they see in the media finds their lives more fulfilling.

There’s a significant number of people that neglect their need to develop their DMA (Dominant Mental Attitude) during their offseason. I find taking the time out away from the attention of the opposite sex is quite rewarding; it replenishes energy, identity, and creativity.

  • "ENERGY: aura, individual vibration we project, attitude.
  • IDENTITY: non-copied emotional or individual goals; your very own personal taste for coffee “sort of speak” (sweet, bitter or not at all).
  • CREATIVITY: the color of life (the adventure, the social butterfly, the writer, the poet or the damn zookeeper) (Smirking—you get me)"

Viewing singleness as a genuine gift and not a burden can be a little difficult, matrimony is a sacred gift we all like to experience—1 Corinthian 7: 32-35 mentioned marriage has its anxieties. I encourage those of similar situations not to rush into a relationship. There’s a season for everything, however, if not correctly training and preparing ourselves by exposing our minds to the right things we can damage the next relationship sending ourselves into repeating cycles.

How important is it to be exposed to great healing and spiritual techniques?

We naturally go through challenges in life; if we do not take the time out to address our shortcomings or have the habit of sweeping them under the rug, life will inevitably pour out the lessons we need to level up. Sometimes we have to compartmentalize issue and work on each one in the order of priority.

Let’s take a look at excellent short tips on how to be single in 2019.

  1. Connect and meditate on the Sovereign Supreme Universal Conscious of all things—feel this in your entire being you will find the most peace doing this.
  2. Discover what you’ve forgotten—your originality.
  3. Ground those emotions, practice celibacy—when we recognize the right partner we want to have that emotional connection when we do share such an amazing moment.
  4. Figure out your good and bad habits—we don't want to get in the habit of people having to "put up" with little annoyance.
  5. Read for improvement, not to entertain yourself—to evolve who you are you must read read read.
  6. Enjoy life—little adventures here and there or the big ones but experience them.
  7. Try listening to none lyrical music that tends to sway our perception or feed the negative emotions.
  8. Eat clean, build a small workout plan that would lead to a lifestyle plan versus a New Year thing.
  9. Find social mentors to assist you on this new journey. 

I hope this has been a great reading experience for you, please share these great articles with friends and family—to improve who we are starts inward and expands outward—like a seed planted into the ground—a seed is good as its soil.

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Reasons Not to Flip for Being Single in 2019
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