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Relationship Life vs Single Life

Which one is meant for YOU?

This was taken in my favorite spot in the US so far, that helped me clarify what I wanted with my life relationships. Maybe looking at it will guide you too.

This is meant for people who may be confused on what they want. I hope my story will help you clarify a bit on what you may desire.

Relationship Life versus Single Life

First off, I will clarify by saying that I have been in both of these situations. I am currently in a serious relationship and have been for 2 continuous years. But, previously I was single and have been in both situations. Here's my example. My partner, his name Noah, we met in high-school and truthfully off the bat, I didn't want to date him. He wasn't my type (my type being the stereotypical f*ckboy). He is quite honestly the complete opposite. My friend told me, "Madison, you need to settle down, you aren't happy being single, so why don't you give it a try?" So, I did. I gave him a try and even though I wasn't too sure how to be in a real relationship and how to share, and communicate, and compromise with another human I was going to give it a shot. Now, we are engaged. 

Back to you, the questions you may be asking yourself are the following, Am I ready for the commitment? Do I have time for the other person? Do I want to potentially start over and learn about someone I don’t know? Do I want to even compromise with another human like I was asking myself? Getting in a new relationship with someone can be terrifying! I’m hoping that this story will help you a little with deciding whether you think the single life or the relationship life is better for you!

Relationship Pros and Cons

There are many pros to being in a relationship and there are cons as well. Pro’s could include having someone to lean on in times of troubles, having one single person to be intimate with, having someone to just plain love. There are many pros to having a person to love but, with that there are some cons. If you are a busy, “not much free time” kind of person a relationship may be tricky for you. You have to have time for one another and finding time may be hard. Another con could be the following: You may just not really know what you want. That is okay! As someone who is in their twenties, you have so much time to find out who you are, and find out what you desire in a partner. You can do this with or without a partner! Knowing what you want in a spouse and knowing who you are before getting into a relationship saves a few arguments for sure. Personally being in a relationship from teenager to twenties, it gets better as you mature and knowing who you are and what you want helps. Especially in the bedroom. As someone who wasn’t very experienced before meeting their partner it was hard not knowing what to do and how to do it. Knowing what you like and don’t like by experiences helps when getting in a relationship so you avoid the awkward convos. One big thing that I learned you have to do to be in a successful relationship is be selfless and know how to compromise. Being selfless will lead to a happy and healthy relationship. Knowing that even though you may not exactly want to do something you are willing to do it to help your partner grow. Knowing that and remembering that when getting into a relationship can lead to great things. Compromise is so huge when getting into a relationship. You may have to sacrifice a few small or large things when getting into a relationship (it differs among each person) but, you have to be willing to do that. If you can answer a few of the questions I'm going to ask with yes, you should maybe talk about getting into a relationship with your partner. Do I see myself with this person? Do I want to be in a relationship with this person? Am I willing to compromise and sacrifice a few things in order to be with this person? Do I want to grow with this person? If you feel like you can grow and learn and want to do that with your partner, go for it!


The single life isn’t for everyone although, some people enjoy it! There are pros and cons to being single as well. Time. Money. Independence. Those are the three things I believe are the most important in the single life. Time. Besides working and the other daily activities you may be doing, as a single person you can spend your free time as you please. You can do as you please and not have to be quite on quite tied down. You can live a free life and not have to worry about someone which the vast majority of the single people I’ve communicated with find one of the best things. You can do as you please, when you please. Money. In a relationship you might feel as though money may be tighter because you are doing things together and spending a little more money as if you were on your own. You can spend your money how you please not worrying if someone is going to be mad that you spent $125 dollars at target on home decor and new bath towels. Independence. As a single person you have all the independence in the world, you can do what you want, when you want, however you want. If you like not having to worry about someone, and just worrying about you then the single life is for you. For a period of time, I loved the single life and you can too! There isn't anything wrong with being single. You may feel the pressure to be in a relationship because your friends and family want you too, and don't! Be in a relationship and commit yourself when you feel ready! Don't ever feel the need to do something that you don't want too and most importantly, do it when you feel ready and you would feel happy doing it.

In conclusion, I think if you are having some second thoughts on a new relationship or a relationship in general or even being single, just reconsider what you want. Do you want to be in a relationship with your partner? Would you rather do things on your own time at your own pace? There are many different circumstances but at the end of the day, do what makes you happy! That is the most important advice anyone could ever give me.

Thank you readers, I hoped you liked my helpful tips. 

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Relationship Life vs Single Life
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