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How Your Girlfriend Wants to Be Treated

Have you ever noticed your partner gazing into a romantic movie, eyes wide, jaw clenched? There is a reason, and you’re going to want to know what it is.

Often times men feel as if women don't ever say what they're truly feeling in relationships. Sadly, there is some truth to this. Women have trouble coming out and saying everything they want and how they want to be treated. This can lead to a relationship becoming strained and or dull. However, there are small hints women drop to try and help men out. Keep reading if you want to know what those hints are.

The first hint is easily missed and somewhat difficult to detect, but trust me it’s there. Men, your map to her heart is right in front of you! Her favorite shows and movies. Ever heard her say, "That scene was perfect! He's amazing," or "Awww how adorable was that." There's your sign guys. Women often fantasize to have relationships similar to the ones they see on screen. Granted, real life relationships cannot always be as perfect as the ones we see on screen, but there are some great ideas to keep your partner happy and interested. Consider planning a similar date to one on her favorite TV drama, or breaking character and treating her just like Jack treated Rose on Titanic, every woman loves that movie. Now the reason that this tip can be difficult is, you might catch your girlfriend thoroughly enjoying a horror movie and think, "OK, so she wants me chase her down a dark hallway," hopefully you don’t think that is a good idea. You must decipher whether she is simply enjoying a movie or fantasizing about being in one. Choose your inspiration wisely.

Hint number two. This world is run by social media now a days, which can be a boyfriend's best friend, if he knows how to pay attention. There are many ways you can use social media to get to your girlfriend’s heart. For instance, does she ever repost pictures on Facebook of cute relationship stories or ideas? Take the hint! She could have just liked the post, but goes out of her way to repost it, why? Maybe to get someone’s attention, like hey this is a great idea, hint hint. Another way to use social media to your advantage is gifts. When she re posts pictures of a shirt or a pair of shoes, she more than likely wants them. You can use these hints to build your Christmas list, birthday present ideas, etc. All you need to do is check in on your girl’s social media accounts and take notes.

I'll give you one of the most important hints last, and a part of me really hopes you know this one already. Befriend her friends! Your girlfriend’s friends are the next best thing to hearing her thoughts straight from her. Girls tell their squad everything, especially when it comes to relationships. They are your ultimate guide to keeping your relationship from getting stale and distant. They know her tastes, her preferences, everything! I bet you if one of Taylor Swifts exes had asked her girl squad for advice maybe they wouldn't have had a breakup song written about them.

These are just a few helpful hints to get you more in tune with what your girlfriend wants out of your relationship. I hope you have found these hints somewhat insightful and maybe learn some more from putting them to use. Now Netflix on my children and go learn all your girl's hidden desires (maybe not let her watch 50 Shades of Grey). 

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