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Romantically Financed

Are we compatible and becoming romantically linked?

Photo from AOL Article: 'The Day I Truly Realized What Financial Compatible Means'

Attraction and preferences foster relationships to make easier transitions for individuals toward romance. Two people came together with their own individuality. Their affinity for each other creates positive energy to establish a relationship. They bring unique personalities to the union. The component that is overlooked within a relationship is FINANCES!

Finances are a touchy subject to discuss. We tend to get into relationships unaware of financial backgrounds. People make assumptions without delving into their partner's money habits. Getting into a relationship requires a synopsis of a person's financial situation. The problem with financial unawareness results in surprises that may be unavoidable. The general conversations are geared toward a person's employment status. A person's job assumes financial security. Job security completes the relationship among individuals. Situations of high debt, no employment, and no education are not factored in conversations with two partners. People either overlook or speak vaguely about finances in relationships. 

People are reluctant to converse finances with their mate. Fiscal conversations are intimidating with the possibility of ridicule. Fear already is present when individuals are trying to get to know each other. Past relationships centered around money with poor outcomes involving being taken advantage of. People enter a new relationship with their guard up resulting in being scammed for their money. Timidness compounded with insecurity can manifest into a fresh relationship by shaking the dynamics. People receive comfort generalizing subsequent potential mates because of their traumatic past experiences.

Insecurity among earning potential can affect relationships. Men feel threatened in a relationship with substantial differences in finances. Uncomfortable feelings of making less money than their mate reduces their role in a relationship. A rarity of men are secure with their mate earning more money. Likewise, women show uneasiness if they are not contributing. An influx of women have promising careers making money can bring down an unemployed woman's confidence. If inclusion is absent, the woman would feel like a burden to her mate. However, women do not mind making less or about the same. They want to contribute to be a part of a union. They still believe a man needs to provide because that is his duty.

Conversations on finances can be intriguing. People want to see if their mate has potential toward sufficiency. Finances can help or hurt a relationship. The topic of money can determine a person proceeding with or without their mate. A helping hand can create synergy among two adults. Finances can be a motivational device towards mobility. Some couples move toward a better position while evaluating their current situation. One person helps the other when they fall short. 

Having a financially inept mate breeds boredom. It takes away the adventure and steals the joy. If one person constantly has no money, it will be difficult to enjoy spending quality time with them. The broke mate is comprised of two personalities: spendthrift and laziness. A spendthrift does not think of emergencies. This frustrates the other person by bailing out this person's immaturity. Signs of infidelity show up when a person does not exercises fiscal discipline. Likewise, the other person will abuse their power by committing infidelity because of the spendthrift's behavior. Laziness is a trait which consists of not having the drive to work. The lazy mate will take advantage of money while making excuses. It is no longer falling on hard times because they are out of their luck. They convert into a lifestyle of scamming their mate and introducing themselves into a side-piece's pockets. They don't believe in a work ethic; it's what they do, a behavior which will become difficult to change.

Two people with steady income breeds harmony. Financial autonomy consists of the power to save and spend money with discretion. Ideas develop with unlimited choices to make ensuring levels of union security. Arguments seldom occur ending with alternatives to have a good time. Anxiety levels decrease when bills are paid on time, groceries are bought, and finances are tracked to keep the relationship solid. Vacations should not be a problem if planned in advance.

Will two individuals without steady income work? It depends on money personalities. Two people with frugal money habits don't care about the finer things in life. They are content with a fast food restaurant and a movie as a date while saving their money for a rainy day. Likewise, two financially secure people love to party it up and travel constantly. They love to entertain others, going on expensive dinners or they only want to shower themselves with a lavish lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with spoiling the person you love. Two opposite money personalities rarely work; someone has to take the lead in finances. With ego problems and not willing to compromise, it is best for people living a selfish lifestyle to not enter a relationship until they are ready. 

Being romantically financed is based on compatibility. They days of the man being the only source of income while the woman sits at home is hardly manageable. Two incomes are vital in today's American economic culture. Prices are increasing daily while paychecks stay stagnant. One source of income is no longer sustainable in a relationship. Relationship discord happens around money. Have conversations with your mate about money. Work together to make a lasting union. It is unfair for a man to work immensely toward an early grave while she maintains her health. Likewise, it is not right for a woman working hard while he becomes another burden sitting at home with no independent living skills. Ideally, compromise makes the relationship work. However, not everybody wants to change. You either accept them or go separate ways. If you take them, it's at your own peril. 

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Romantically Financed
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