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Saint Valentine

A picture with a tale

Saint Valentine - A picture with a tale Special no.1 2017

He was named after the holiday,

She didn't understand the meaning to care anyway.

He loved every aspect of it,

She didn't understand it one bit.

He loved love for what it is,

She didn't want to be anyone's 'ms'.

He questioned why she didn't like love,

She corrected him and told him, she just didn't hold it as, amongst everything else, all above.

He questioned why that is so,

She had said she wasn't about that show.

He questioned, again, why,

She had told him simply, goodbye.

He had followed her, day to day, wanting a proper answer,

She repeated what she had said, ignoring the rest of his banter.

He didn't stop asking,

She got used to multitasking.

He had continually persisted,

She had constantly resisted.

One day, he had handed her a rose,

She had asked why he was trying to get so close.

He had said he just wanted to know how it couldn't be the top of the list,

She had replied she ordered with importance, and the top amount it just missed.

He had questioned what was more important,

She said there other things you look for when you're an orphan.

He had apologized,

She had, once again, said her goodbyes.

This time he simply left,

And she suddenly had to convince herself, it's for the best.

He didn't stay away for long, however,

And this time she didn't find him so annoying, though she wouldn't tell him, ever.

He had watched her struggle the next few days,

She remained frustrated over something she would not say.

He had followed her to find out,

Breaking down, she had finally revealed what it was about.

He listened and helped her complete her work,

She had finally stopped hating when he would smirk.

He had started to look to her as a friend,

As she had stopped wanting their time together to end.

But then he felt his feelings change,

She felt hers blowing out of their normal range.

And while he accepted them with joy, straight away,

She had trouble with them wishing to stay.

He didn't make a mistake until a few weeks in,

She hadn't said anything, as the work he had destroyed, fell in the bin.

He had come the next day with an apology,

She had told him not to worry.

He was quick to do the same mistake again,

She couldn't hold it in then.

He listened as she scolded, knowing she was unfolding,

She felt walls crack as she scolded.

He remained quiet, enjoying the first time she exploded,

She felt lighter once she had unloaded.

He smiled again and offered his apology then,

She had cried when she had seen the rose pen.

He was in for a surprise the next day,

She had returned with more to say.

He had listened to her in surprise,

As she had apologized for letting her anger rise.

He had taken her gift without a word,

She had flittered of, embarrassed, faster than a bird.

He has smiled brightly as she left,

She had walked off without realizing her little theft.

He signed his fate for the night

As she became, to his life, his light.

As he stood, lost in his thoughts, in the same spot,

She lost herself, only slightly, in thoughts of a new future, he had bought.

And now when Valentine's Day came around,

It came with a slightly new sound.

As he had found a new love of the day,

While she found a new appreciation for it, in a way.

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