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Self Worth

Do not let labels define who you are

Often times we allow society to define us with a simple label. However, we have the power to allow that label to define who we are, or we can simply brush it off like it never even happened. A simple label like ugly, loser, failure and other harsh words can actually have a negative effect on someone. Why is that?? Often we do not know what our pears are going through. By simply labeling someone ugly, loser, failure, etc...  can put a heavy burden on their shoulders.

 For instance, I actually fell into depression because I allowed a simple label like a loser, or failure define who I am. Those simple labels affected me because I did not know if I was even able to afford college at that time. I was just an eighteen year old at that time, and I did not have a scholarship, nor did I have money to afford college. I was a part-time high school senior, and I had a full-time job. I worked long hours day in and day out, and I still could not afford my tuition for my freshman year in college. I hardly told friends and counselors what I was going through. Nonetheless, that was a mistake on my behalf. I should have reached out to someone.

Now that I reflect on that time period of my life I shouldn’t of let those labels break my spirit. I allowed those labels to define my life for more than five months. Throughout the process, I understood that just because they label me as a failure does not mean I am a failure. Yes, I was struggling, but I am not a failure. As long as I did not give up, I could accomplish anything my heart desires. Now I’m about to be twenty years old, and I’m a sophomore in college with a full-time job.

So, I encourage every single person who is struggling with labels from society to just keep on working hard. The hard work will pay off soon. Always remember to keep on pushing harder to achieve your goals and dreams. Also, you are never too old or too young to go after what your heart desires. However, society will tell you the opposite like “oh you're too young,” “you can’t do that” or “you're too old for that.” Do not allow that negativity to burn that fire in your heart. I am not saying it will be easy. All I’m saying is if your heart desires that it is worth giving it a try.

Therefore, always remember you are awesome, you’re a beautiful creation, and you can do anything you set your mind to. Do not let labels define who you are. You have the power to let the labels define who you are or just ignore them. Always know your worth. Many people will not be able to see the beautiful creation you are, but that is their loss.

Never beg someone to see your worth, because you deserve better.

There is a question from Danielle Laporte asking people “Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” That question blew my mind. Why?? I personally believe labels play tricks with our brain. For example, if people are always calling me a failure, eventually those harsh words will sink into my brain. However, I have to remain strong.  Do not let labels define you or your behavior. Always remember you have the power to let labels define who you are or just brush it off like it never even happened.


Thank you for reading!

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Self Worth
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