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Settling Down Young?

Why We Are Doing it

*I do not own the picture.*

It isn't really uncommon these days for people in their early 20s to get married. A lot of people I know even got married at 18-19! The thoughts of how "adult" it is to be married. There are tons of mixed feelings on when you should get married, have children, or buy a house. Everyone moves at their own pace so if you aren't married with kids by 25, YOU'RE OKAY! Don't feel like you're obligated to get pregnant cause all your friends are. Don't rush stuff!

I remember scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing almost everyone I went to school announcing their pregnancy or engagement and I looked at my boyfriend and said, "OMG, everyone we know is pregnant, or married, or soon to be one or the other! WHAT IS GOING ON?!" 

All he said was, "Well you know we're not in high school anymore, we're adults." It honestly hadn't hit me that he was right, we aren't kids anymore, this is the "norm!"

We have talked about marriage before as we've been together for almost two years but have known each other for four-to-five years! We've lived with each other since the second month of dating due to family issues. So, that's almost two years of living together and being with one another 25/8! He has already hinted around a proposal sometime this year, I don't know when! (I really wish I did, LOL). He has made it very clear he wants to be married in 2020 cause in his words... "HoW cOoL WoUlD tHaT bE?!"

If you don't know me, I guess I should say I am 20, soon to be 21 and he is 21, soon to be 22. So we aren't crazy young but we aren't old either! We have made it pretty clear that we want nothing more than to be with each other and want to continue to create, grow and build this life together! Things are never certain, anything can happen, that is life! But as long as you work things out before they escalate, COMMUNICATE and love like you just met, EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT IN THE END—if it is in the Universe's plans!

We also have a lot keeping us together, that is very exciting but as of right now I won't be mentioning that part. It is a surprise! That is a huge thing that I am very excited to write about when the time comes! But as of right now just know that I have some cool and amazing news coming!

If you want to wait to get married, do it. If you wanna go to the courthouse and get married, do that too. It is up to you and only you. If you wanna try for a baby now (with the consent of your partner, of course), do it! There is no timeline on when you can do things, no matter how big the milestone is. You move at your own pace. You get to do that and no one can tell you differently! If you got your first house at 20, good for you! If you had your baby at 16, that is okay! Don't let any bring you down or make you feel bad because you don't match their timeline!

Life is an amazing thing, we aren't always promised tomorrow so love like you've never been hurt! You may actually get hurt along the way, if so get back up, know it was a lesson learned and try again! That is just what we do as humans, we break down just to build ourselves up and break all over again! Life is only what you make it!

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Settling Down Young?
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