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Shades of Love

Chapter 1

Luna's pov:

I sit in my car debating if I really wanted to go out and socialize today. I had a good excuse to not go inside the campus mall, as I had just recovered from a "wall." 

What's a wall, you ask? It's when my mental state gets so bad I don't know what to do with myself, I shut everyone and everything out, and I am oblivious to the world around me. 

I enter the Starbucks craving my usual cotton candy frap and iced lemon cake. I roll my sleeves up on my Thrasher T-shirt displaying my fully tatted right arm. The fresh smell of coffee and flour engulf me as I walk in line. Strays from my curly black hair as it falls in front of my glasses and I scroll throughout my phone to pass time.

 When I get to the register, my breath is taken by the beauty of the man standing behind it. His brown hair tamed neatly and his dark blue eyes met mine. He flashes me a smile and I swear I lost my non-existent virginity on the spot. Here I am crushing hard on a white boy, while to him, I'm probably just another customer he's forced to be nice to. 

"Hi there, what can I get for you today?" Even his voice is hot. 

 "Um, venti sized cotton candy frap and an iced lemon cake." I answer.

"Ok, and name?"


"Pretty name for a pretty lady." He says scribbling on the cup vigorously. I felt my cheeks heat and they've probably turned a shade of dark blue due to my cocoa skin. I feel myself smile, a sensation that has been foreign to me for awhile. 

After taking longer than it should to write "Luna," he tells me my total and I pay him. "Thanks..." I pause to read his name tag. "Wyatt." 

"Have a good one." 

"You too pretty lady," he says winking. 

After waiting about three minutes I hear my nam over the commotion of the cafe. Before walking out, on my cup under my name, I see a series of numbers with a sentence: "Wyatt says call him" with a smiley face. I then realize that the numbers make a phone number. More specifically, Wyatt's phone number. I look back to see him staring at me. I give him a small smile and a thumbs up, telling him that I will definitely be calling later. 

Back in the car, I think to myself. What a hell of a good way to bounce back from the wall. Then, I'm taking the well known route back to my dorm. 

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Shades of Love
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