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Should You Leave Your Relationship?

Sometimes, it's pretty clear when a relationship is played out. Other times, it may feel as though it's done but all it needs is a bit of adjusting and guidance. The question on your mind is, "Is my relationship over?" Here are a few common problems that relationships face.

Many relationships end without much effort to mend them, couples get frustrated and stop trying. Like most things in life, greatness doesn't come without hard work. 

1. Arguments

Do you find yourself in constant fights with your spouse or partner that don't ever seem to get resolved? If you and your significant other are continuously at one another's throats and fights tend to finish in silence or just more anger erupts, this is an automatic red flag. Mind you, all relationships do have their share of arguments. People are prone to disagree, it's healthy—in small doses. However, if the fighting is happening everyday and seems to frequently go without some sort of solution, that's another story all together. In addition, if you and/or your lover aren't genuinely happy anymore, it's time to reevaluate the situation and go forth with a decision on what to do next, whatever that may be. Breaking up and moving on, or if you're truly committed to restore the tranquility of the relationship it could be time to go speak with a professional. 

2. Boredom

Are you feeling the relationship is beginning to get dulled by time? You've been together for a while now. The two of you have fallen in to a routine you're comfortable with. Naturally, things have started to slow down. The honeymoon phase has come to a halt and now you're feeling less excitement from your partner. In this case, your relationship has a lot of potential to be saved. However, it will only work if both of you want to work at it. All it needs is a bit of effort. When your relationship becomes boring, that's the time to start doing more in order to keep it alive. Every relationship requires a certain amount of hunger to keep it going. Think back to when it started. Do you remember what brought you together in the first place? Use that to reel your partner back in. Apply it to your everyday life. The point is, you're looking for whatever may respark the heat between you and your lover. Ultimately, if you can't find a way to reconnect and begin again, you may want to call it quits. 

3. Communication

Have you found there's no line of communication from your significant other and yourself? That's a tricky situation. Try to think about the reasons why there might be an absence of communication. Do you or your partner yell a lot to emphasize the point? Maybe one of you feel as though you're being ignored all together when you're speaking. Do either of you dismiss your partner's concerns? Remember, it takes two people to have a relationship. Also, it takes all kinds to make a world, so why would we expect everyone's head to work the same way? Relationships reflect this, and there's many ways to have a successful one. Try this: sit down across from your partner. Make sure to listen to them when they speak. By showing you care, it will motivate them to have more conversations with you. Another helpful tip is to watch and get to know your partner's body language. This is important because it lets you get an idea of their mood. If you practice these exercises, communication should make a recovery. If this doesn't work, you and your partner could try talking to a couple's therapist. 

4. Infidelity

You've found out your partner has cheated. Whether you've caught them doing it or they tell you themselves, they've been unfaithful. It might feel like you're at a crossroad in your relationship. It's time to study the logistics of the situation as a whole. Did you catch them? Was it an affair or a one time thing? Are they emotionally involved with the person they cheated on you with? In most cases, the decision to continue a relationship with a cheater is extremely detrimental to your mental health. First of all, the trust you had bestowed upon your partner in the past will be torn apart by this devastating act of dishonesty. That will make it almost impossible for you to believe what your partner is saying isn't a boldfaced lie. The pain from their betrayal will be unbearable to live with. Being cheated on hurts, beyond any sense of reason. If you want to proceed with the relationship, you'll have to decide whether you can look past it. In the end, you can't overlook the infidelity, then by all means kick them to the curb. 

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Should You Leave Your Relationship?
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