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Signs He Has Bad Intentions with You

Usually the smooth talkers have the most bad intentions.

Have you ever been texting a guy or out on a first date and he has you blushing?... But wait! Is he saying things only regarding himself, about what a good guy he is? Don't fall for it! Check out these signs to see if he has bad intentions with you!

1) He insists he is a nice guy.

These type of guys... Ugh! This is the type of guy who before you are even halfway through the date claims he is a nice guy or not like the rest. This type of guy is jumping the gun before you even know if you are interested in him. Sketchy. When I was little, my mother told me if a guy says this to you, he is trying to convince you he is a nice guy when he really is not! Stay away!

2) He is superficial.

Does he have the looks? Yes. But when he starts bragging about his muscles or hair, he is superficial because you can see those things—why would he feel the need to state that? Because he is superficial and probably doesn't have much else going for him. 

3) He keeps things vague.

This kind of goes with #2. He keeps things vague... too vague. For example, he just talks about the bigger picture of things, not much detail. He is keeping things vague because he wants to make sure you don't know too much about him because he doesn't plan on sticking around. 

4) He is needy.

He is super clingy. Not much to explain here, but if you go out with friends and he is blowing your phone up and ends up angry if you don't reply, he is just trying to control you. Some of these guys will even go as far as trying to make you feel guilty for going out without him. 

5) His Way or The Highway

This goes along with #4. He gets angry or refuses plans unless it's on his terms because he wants to make sure he has the power on where you go so he knows he can plan something you probably do not agree with. A real genuine guy would want the dates and activities to be stuff you enjoy as well. 

6) You wonder if he has any self control.

When you guys are in public and he is always grabbing you or rubbing up against you even after you tell him no, you begin to wonder if he has any self-control at all. When you think this thought.. run because he probably doesn't.

7) He lies.

This type of guy will lie, even about the smallest things. Or he will say something, but then, later on, he says something different. Other words, he just spins his words around and you don't know what is the truth or lies. Get away from him because, well, why would you want to be with someone like that anyway?

8) He hides you.

He hides you from the details of his life, his friends, and his family. He does this to keep you at a distance because he doesn't have any intentions of keeping you around. 

9) You don't know who he is.

When the date is over and you are thinking, who is this guy really? I don't much about him except his big ego... hmmmm.

10) Trust your gut.

In the end, always trust your gut. Your instincts will guide you and lead you to what is really going on around you. Pay attention.

Nobody wants to be with someone who only has one thing on his mind, and that isn't just kissing. Be mindful of who you are talking to. These guys will give you a lot of subtle hints, even from the first few text conversations. 

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Signs He Has Bad Intentions with You
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