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Single Life of a Confused Mom

What the what?

I’m not one to complain about too much. I go to work, I come home, and I go to bed. Simple life, and simple woman. I have been told that I need to broaden my horizons, live a little, make some changes (picture me scathing over my sunglasses). I do not think you understand what I’m going through right now, dude. So to catch everyone up, here is a little peak into my life recently.


What a weird thing to go through. I say weird because my ex is still my best friend. He is still my go-to, my person to tell everything, and my comfort space. We just don’t mesh well as a couple. We don’t cohabitate in a way that married people should. Divorce is hard and expensive and super complicated to do by yourself. We are doing it though. We are each other’s support through it all. We are also closer now than when we were married. It’s sad to say, but true. We are both good parents and go places with our kids together all the time, but married life wasn’t for us. That brings me to my next point.

All the Single Ladies

What the heck!! Why is being single so different now than it was when I was 18. Online dating was a joke back then, but now? It’s like the gateway to every guy or girl in a 100-mile radius (or less if you specify). I hate it!!! Guys just think that sending you a picture of their junk can grant them a gateway to all your goodies. Uh, no. Some actually ask “you like?” Is that supposed to turn me on??? I don’t get it. Oh, yeah let me see more!!! (Note sarcasm here.) Then they want full body pictures of you. I don’t even like looking in the mirror at my full body let alone take pictures of it. Use your imagination, obviously you are good at that because you imagined that I had an interest in you. That was salty, sorry guys.

Speaking of Salty Guys

I cannot count how many times guys have insulted me because I wasn’t interested in them or had decided after a date with them that I didn’t want anymore dates with them. I have been called a dirty whore, a slut, a heifer, fat, disgusting, and the list goes on. It got me down for a little while. Then after talking to some people about it I realized that the guys were just putting me down because I didn’t want them. I know rejection can be hard, but using a rejection to turn from a seemingly sweet guy into a douche is a little immature don’t you think? One guy in particular decided to call me autistic and said that if I was to go on dates at least have a personality or lose a lot of weight. This is one thing that really freaking upset me for a few days. Then I remembered that he was a jackass and got over it. He knew that my daughter was autistic and that I am a very reserved person at first. He used it against me. Little did he know that I have lots of guy friends that will kick someone’s butt for me or harass someone on Facebook. (Insert gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn).

Work and Life

My job is great and I love it. I sometimes get such a great fulfillment in it that I can’t stop talking about what’s happening and what I’m working on. I love the people I work with and the fact that my bosses are so flexible with me and my home life. Being a single mom has been a weird change, but it’s very similar to when my ex was working crazy shifts and hours and never home. So, I kind of fell back into that routine. Except now three instead of two and the older two go to school. Which for those who don’t know is a different ball game all together. I have been trying to get back into writing my book (I haven’t written in almost a year). It’s a process. I want to finish before December, but I don’t know if I can or not. It’s possible but I need to get on the ball.

That’s all, folks.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that being boring is OK. I still have interests and things that I do, but that’s the things that I like. If someone doesn’t like those things then oh well, they aren’t doing them. It's for me. I’ve learned that junk pictures from guys are a thing and something I will never understand and that guys will take your rejection out on you and try and make you feel bad for it. Also, that I can be a single mom and I don’t have to be perfect. I wanted to catch y’all up in the life of Mary, and also this kind of got me back to writing for more that just a few sentences.

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Single Life of a Confused Mom
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