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So You're in Your 20s and Still Single?

You don't need to be sad when your high school friends start getting married.

So everyone you were friends with in high school is either in a serious relationship, engaged, married, having babies, or a combination of these... and you still can't get a guy to text you back? Yeah, tell me about it. It can be frustrating...but it isn't the end of the world.

I graduated high school in 2014. I remember being so eager for life to begin. I'd get a boyfriend, be married by the time I was 20, and popping out kids by 22. Now, here I am, 22, and so glad that is not how it happened.

At 18, I had no idea who I was. I'm still learning who I am. When you get married, or have a child, your life is no longer your own; you are now sharing your life with another human being. Marriage, in a way, is a loss of independence.

Right now, the choices I make for my life, affect my life. When I make a huge decision, I don't need to take into account what it will mean for my husband and children. I don't think that is something we need to be concerned about in our 20s.

Our 20s are for taking risks, and finding out who we really are.

About a year ago, I looked at all my friends from high school, and I felt inferior. They were all in serious relationships, some engaged, a few were married...and look at me. I was already a year into my career, I was finishing college online, I was working two jobs; I felt I was less accomplished because I didn't have a boyfriend.

Not to tear down people who get into serious relationships at a young age, but how many of them have a career? I had a friend who complained about how much she hated working retail, but she had a serious boyfriend and often told me how I could be living my life better. This girl still works jobs she hates, and has a great relationship, while I'm single and working in a job I love. 

I'm not saying that young people should choose a career over love, but finding romance should not be our top priority. I'm also not saying I don't want a boyfriend. Of course it would be nice to have a relationship, but do I need one? No.

The last thing I want to do is tie myself down. I am on the cusp of adventure! Our twenties are all about adventure. For some of us, that adventure includes romance, but it is okay if it doesn't. Not having a significant other, does not make your story less important.

Being single gives us so much freedom. I want to take huge risks. I want to go back to school. I want to stay out late with my friends. I want to drink too much and do embarrassing things. I want to get a bunch of tattoos. I want to make tremendous mistakes. A person can certainly do these things if they're married or a parent; but a wife, and husband, a mother, or a father has to consider another person's life while doing these things.

Congratulations to the people who marry young, and the young parents. I am in no way saying that my life is better than yours, one of my best friends is a young mother, but my life is just as great. 

Being single in my 20s is a great opportunity, that I am lucky to have. I hope that more people in our generation will see it this way. Being alone does not have to be a bad thing. YOU ARE LUCKY TO BE SINGLE.

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So You're in Your 20s and Still Single?
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