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Some People Love a Lie

Poetry to fight pain and loss.

You don’t know what love is
I can honestly tell you this
People that love do not purposely cause pain
They are there for others when it starts to rain
When those dark clouds roll in
When they fall from grace again

You don’t know this “love” act
Because it’s something you lack
You lack the ability to have empathy
And those that loved you, you could not see
You put on blinders and hid away
Until they left you one day

When someone walks away
When someone closes a door
There’s always a reason for
Their actions and their passion
When someone walks away
It’s because they couldn’t stay

You don’t know how to love
You think it’s just a shove
Something you can force on someone
And that’s all you’ve done
No give, just take
That’s what makes a fake

Because you didn’t really love
You were too busy above
Looking down at people like insects
Instead of showing respect
And now you’re alone
Stuck inside your hell of a home

About 'Some People Love A Lie'

I am currently working on a poetry book, that has been a long time coming. I got my writing start as a poet and it seems fitting that the book I release explains, mostly through poetry, what poetry has done for me, and to my life. You see, everyone writes poetry for different reasons. I write it to help me deal with life situations, the good ones and the bad ones. Usually, the bad situations are the ones that turn into the best poems, for me anyway.

The thing is, my poems often tell more than one story. One person could read a poem I've written and think that it's about them, and maybe it is, but it's also about someone else. This one is about a few people that have come and gone from my life. It's a poem about narcissists and sociopaths, at its core. It's about the fact that you can walk away from those people and move on in your life, and be happy without those types of people bringing you down constantly.

It's about understanding that we are all responsible for our own lives and we shouldn't expect other people to make us happy if we can't make ourselves happy. This poem is about so much, but most of all it was about me healing after a rough year, from leaving my ex-husband to realizing that the people I thought were my closest friends were not my friends at all. It was about realizing that people will continue to use you if you let them.

Every line of a poem can mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people. I would love for you to find something in this poem that resonates with you, in your life. I would love for you to find healing in its words, or maybe even realization within them that can lead you to your own healing. It was healing for me. It worked to heal my heart and my mind, and each time I read it I find it a great reminder of my strength and how I have made it through so much and still came out on the other side wanting to continue helping people, not hurting them like all of the hurt I've experienced in my 42 years on this Earth.

And, while poetry doesn't have to rhyme to be poetry, I enjoyed giving this heartfelt poem a little bit of rhyme-time to it, as I think it helps lighten the mood of what could be (or is) a dark and painful poem. It was painful to write, but it was like sucking out the poison from a snake bite.

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Some People Love a Lie
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