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A Story About One of Life's Positive Balances

Soulmates. Have you ever believed in such a thing? But not just when it comes to relationships. A friend soulmate. That one person who you lean on for support, laughter, to grow and build with, and you just click with the right way. You help balance each others lows, highs and mediums. Someone you have no sexual or physical ties to but you just enjoy their company. And when you're down, they help bring you up. I've been lucky enough to find my friend soulmate. When times got hard, she was right there to tell me it'll be okay, things will get better, and always found ways to try to help me out. If I was about to take a test or do something new she always made sure to tell me "you got this, don't worry, I believe in you." She makes sure I know that if I ever feel down or anxious to just call her and she will talk to me as long as I need. 

Now I have been the same kind of friend for her as well and that is just what makes us an even match. We're both married, with children, and trying to balance our lives and our sanity. So we both understand if a day or two goes by and we don't hear from the other. It just means that by the time we do talk, especially on the phone, we will have so much to catch up on. We could be on the phone for an hour or two while our families are occupied and get to have a little break from everything. The thing that makes it even easier is how well our families meld. I mean it's one thing to be friends but another when you can put your families together and it's just a great time all around. And aside from our little families, our parents and siblings and outside family just love our friendship and we all get along. Now how did we meet? We met in school through mutual friends. We got close for awhile but fell off for a few years. One moment of fate brought us all back together and that started the friendship we have now. Through some trials and errors in our lives at the time we turned to each other for support. A lot of what we were going through we were either going through together or just similar situations. 

Sometimes it takes life’s challenges to direct you to the place you’re meant to be. Sometimes it directs you to the people you are meant to have in your life. It also helps that since we were able to reconnect that helped her reconnect with her now husband. Now we spend our time helping find the positives in our lives and to grow to be better than the person we were yesterday. Unfortunately we have both had a lot of heartbreak in loosing people, both to death and just situations, but that’s where having that person to lean on helps. In a time like that you need all the support you can get and from the people who matter the most and thankfully that’s what we had. Between having her and my husband is something I will always be grateful for. So if you ever get the chance to find your soulmate, whether it be a partner or friend or both, you should always hold on to them. We all deserve to have our soulmates. So to my little purple, pickle loving soulmate, I love you and I'm so thankful for you!

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